Start Your Engines! Robot Challenge Begins Today At 2012 ICRA
May 15, 2012

Start Your Engines! Robot Challenge Begins Today At 2012 ICRA

Lee Rannals for

Today, at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), participants will begin the first phase of the annual Robot Challenge.

At the conference, some attendees will be showcasing their skills in robotics by participating in six different events.

Tuesday afternoon's event will be the modular robotic challenge, as well as the mobile micro robotics task 1.

The modular robot competition simulates an unexpected problem where a robotic solution must be developed and deployed.

Participants will be developing versatile robotic systems and software that can be adapted quickly to try and address unexpected events.

Other events that will take place during the week include the DARwIn-OP Humanoid Application Challenge.

DARwIn-OP is an open platform humanoid project that is supported by the NSF with the goal of developing a vision-capable humanoid with full functionality and scalability.  Teams for DARwin-OP will consist of 1 to 4 members.

Robot Challenge participants will also have the option of participating in the Manufacturing Challenge.  This simulation-based challenge is designed to stimulate research in robotics dealing with problems related to mixed-palletizing and intra-factory package delivery logistics.

The Manufacturing Challenge will consist of two challenges, each of which will have multiple events.  The first challenge is the Mixed Palletizing Challenge, which is designed to explore algorithms and techniques to address the three dimensional cutting stock problem.

The second of the two challenges is the Mobility & Task Completion Challenge.  This challenge is designed to address the need for one or more factory robots to operate in unstructured environments amongst dynamic obstacles.

Summaries of the Robot Challenge events at the 2012 ICRA will take place on Thursday.