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Cyber-Criminals Rain On Voyager Mobile’s Opening Day Parade

May 15, 2012
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New wireless mobile carrier Voyager Mobile didn´t have much time to celebrate their opening day festivities. The mobile carrier launched for the first time today, aiming to give users another choice in mobile with cheap, unlimited plans and a 4G wireless network.

Then, shortly after their 6 AM EDT launch time, the website began to undergo a malicious network attack. In response, Voyager Mobile closed their site, posting only a statement which reads “Due to the network outage, Voyager Mobile is postponing its launch to a time and date in the very near future. Our goal of low cost wireless service for all will not be undermined and we strive to continue the voyage for a better wireless world.

It seems hackers and cyber criminals aren´t in favor of cheap wireless plans.

Voyager Mobile will operate as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (or MVNO) which resells airtime on Sprint´s CDMA and WiMAX networks. The Knoxville-based carrier plans to offer 3G and 4G wireless plans starting at $19 a month and will offer no-contract Android and Windows Phone handsets, according to their press release yesterday.

The ultra-cheap $19 plans are set to include unlimited talk and text, while a second $39 plan will offer unlimited data in addition to unlimited talk and text. Voyager Mobile also plans to offer these services without credit checks. According to the Boy Genius Report, Voyager will offer new subscribers a choice of Android phones, such as the Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch, Motorola XPRT and others, as well as mobile hotspot options and USB modems.

Voyager also plans to offer a rewards program to reward those customers who like to talk more than they like to text. These customers will be awarded with points, which can then be used towards items such as airline miles, gift cards, phone upgrades and even free monthly service.

While these incentives sound enticing, they can only be implemented if the company can launch their website, and it appears as if such a launch won´t be happening today. No one has stepped up as of yet to admit to attacking the website and likewise, there is no apparent motive involved, other than engaging in some miscellaneous cyber-villainy.

Voyager Mobile has also declined to comment any further on these attacks and hasn´t mentioned when they plan to have the site back up and operational.

Such cyber-attacks have been increasing lately as organizations like LulzSec and Anonymous have been targeting not only corporations and public organizations, but government agencies as well.

The FBI has been cracking down on such attackers and have even been asking for help from other hackers to stop these attacks.

Unfortunately for those interested in subscribing to Voyager Mobile´s new wireless services, they´ll have to wait until the website is back up and operational again before they can study coverage maps and other options.

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