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SaneRemindMe Does the Remembering So Email Users Can Forget

May 16, 2012

BOSTON, May 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SaneBox, makers of the cure to inbox madness, today announced a new release to give hope to those who are trying to figure out how to follow up on emails that have received no reply (and also to those who can’t seem to remember their mother’s birthday). It’s called SaneRemindMe, and it gives users a simple way to track emails that need to be answered by a certain time or defer emails until users are ready to deal with them. A new SaneRemindMe release also lets users receive reminders of important events (like Mom’s birthday or recurring meetings) in their inbox and view upcoming reminders on their calendars (Google, iCal, etc.). It also provides snooze buttons to defer follow-up action for a day or week.

Here’s how it works: When users need to follow up on an email, they send it as usual and CC or BCC 1week@sanebox.com (or 5minutes@sanebox.com or October15@sanebox.com – pretty much any combination of dates or times will do). If the recipient doesn’t reply, SaneBox forwards the reminder email to the top of the user’s inbox at the time specified. If the recipient does reply, the reminder is automatically deleted. To set a reminder for an event, users just send an email using the date, day of the week or time in the SaneBox address. Current reminders are held in a SaneRemindMe folder for a quick view of all outstanding reminders.

“When customers say they need it, we start developing it,” said SaneBox founder Stuart Roseman. “Our initial SaneRemindMe release made sure SaneBox users never had to track people they need to follow up with again. The new release – SaneRemindMe 2.0 – synchs the reminders up with users’ calendars, lets them hit the snooze button on reminders for later follow up and makes sure they never again miss a recurring meeting, an important birthday or anniversary.”

Like all SaneBox functions, SaneRemindMe works on practically any email service, including Gmail. It works with SaneBox’s other features to help users tame unruly inboxes and save hours in time lost to dealing with low-priority messages – and chasing down unresponsive email recipients. With advanced algorithms and settings that let users customize their email experience – all delivered on a platform that integrates into existing user interfaces instead of requiring customers to learn a new one – SaneBox is making a serious dent in time lost to unproductive inbox and follow-up chores.

That’s why SaneBox users are happy to pay $5 a month to bring sanity to their inboxes – and email follow-up processes. The average SaneBox user saves two hours a week by using the solution, so the value SaneBox delivers is a matter of simple math (and satisfied customers).

Email users who would rather forget about remembering have a new ally in SaneRemindMe. Learn more at sanebox.com.

About SaneBox

SaneBox is an incredibly smart email inbox filtering system that separates the emails users need to deal with right away from those that can wait – automatically. Built by a team of friendly hackers with respectable major technology company experience, SaneBox is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Learn more at www.sanebox.com.


Source: PR Newswire