DARwIn-OP Humanoid Robot Showcased At 2012 ICRA
May 16, 2012

DARwIn-OP Humanoid Robot Showcased At 2012 ICRA

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com

How about a robot capable of being programmed to do just about anything, even play soccer, but is able to fit into a backpack?  That is exactly what you get with the DARwIn-OP.

Robotis´ Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence - Open Platform (DARwIn-OP) is a miniature-humanoid robot platform capable of doing nearly anything that can be dreamed up.

The robot has a high payload capacity, sophisticated sensors, advanced computational power, and dynamic motion ability, which makes it equipped enough to be used in research and education activities.

DARwIn-OP is an open platform machine, which means anyone can create programs for it to follow and take advantage of its highly advanced features.  Also, people can place those programs online so others can reap the benefits of someone else's labor.

Robotis' creation is able to connect to WiFi or ethernet, and even comes with HDMI, USB and audio ports.

Its 3-axis Gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer enables DARwIn-OP to help keep balance and perform complex maneuvers.

DARwIn-OP was a part of the Robot Challenge at the 2012 International Conference on Robotics and Automation on Wednesday.

Attendees at the conference took to the stage to show off what tasks or applications they were able to come up with for DARwIn-OP to accomplish.

During the contest, teams performed a five-minute free-style demonstration of how they took advantage of the humanoid robot's open platform hardware and software.

Despite its small stature of almost 18-inches, DARwIn-OP is not a toy, unless someone generally spends $12,000 on toys.  The price tag may seem pricey, but it is because of the technology that is packed in to the Robotis creation.

DARwIn-OP is able to stand up from lying face down on the ground is 2.8 seconds, and is able to stand up from lying face up in 3.9 seconds.  The robot has a walking speed of 9.44-inches per second.

It can recognize objects using its 2 megapixel HD camera, which can be used to make the robot recognize a ball, and kick it into a goal like a soccer player.  When considering its ability to recognize things, balance, and move around to nearly any position, the robot is capable of almost anything.

DARwIn-OP is a glimpse into the future of robotics, and although the price is currently higher that what most would want to afford, it is only a matter of time before humanoid robots like DARwIn-OP are in everyone's household.