Apple Released New Build Of Mountain Lion
May 17, 2012

Apple Releases New Build Of Mountain Lion

Michael Harper for

Apple yesterday pushed out another update to its Mountain Lion developer preview. The current build is listed as “12A206j,” and was released very shortly after build “12A193i,” which was released on May 1.

Those developers who haven´t already done so can download the new software update from within the Mac App store.

According to Apple Insider, Apple has informed these developers that the new build will not work on MacBookPro3,1 – The 2007 Mac Book Pro model – though newer builds will fix this problem.

People Familiar With the Matter have also said this new build of Mountain Lion causes errors when using Fast User Switching, leaving the desktop blank white for several seconds. There also remain some problems in the “share” functionality related to Mail and Twitter. Any issues discovered and reported in the previous build have so far been absent, signaling Apple has been hard at work to perfect their newest OS.

Apple has also reportedly told developers that QuickTime screen recordings have a tendency to become distorted on machines running Nvidia graphics processing. This build is the second issued for the third preview of Mountain Lion, which was released to Apple developers in April.

Mountain Lion – or OS X 10.8 – is Apple´s new and upcoming operating system, slated to be released this coming summer.

As a point of reference, Lion was released on July 20th last year, while its predecessor, Snow Leopard, was released on August 28, 2009. Both of these OS´s were promised a “summer” launch date, so Mountain Lion could reasonably come in between any of those days.

As each version of OS X progresses, more and more Macs are left out in the cold. For instance, when Mountain Lion releases, those with the original Mac Pros and MacBook Airs will be left behind.

Thus, when it was discovered the new build didn´t run on MacBookPro3,1, some people likely assumed Apple was already making cuts. Any Macbook Pro released before June 2007 will not be able to run Mountain Lion.

While new developer builds and previews are likely to make news around the Apple circuit, the bevy of information we´ve already received about the new operating system is interesting considering these developers all signed a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA.

Technically, these developers aren´t allowed to discuss the inner-workings of the new OS with anyone who isn´t a developer.

And yet, many sites have been posting information about how the new features will work.

Therefore, anyone who has signed an NDA and is talking about new features or new functionalities in the new OS are likely going to be very careful to mention they read about it from some other site, freeing them up to talk about it.

It´s all a very interesting game of “I´m not saying, I´m just saying“¦”

According to Apple, Mountain Lion will be moving even more features of iOS to the desktop.

Many expect Apple to announce a release date for Mountain Lion during their WWDC, June 11-15.