Windows Phone Beats iPhone In China
May 19, 2012

Windows Phone Beats iPhone In China

Microsoft officials announced this week that the Windows Phone had surpassed the iPhone in terms of total market share in China, despite launching in that country just two months ago.

According to JR Bookwalter of TechRadar, the Redmond, Washington-based company "is ready to proclaim a minor victory" for their smartphone line, as the Windows Phone has secured 7% of what Bookwalter dubs "an extremely lucrative market."

In comparison, Apple currently holds just 6% of the nation's market share.

"China is the most important smartphone market," as they have overtaken the US as the country with the most smartphone users in the world, said Mobile & Apps writer Vamien McKalin, adding that the "battle to dominate the smartphone" market would "definitely be fought in China (a country with a population over 1.3 billion cannot be taken lightly)."

"With Nokia finally making the push with Windows Phone worldwide, we have the feeling Microsoft will get what it wants in a shorter time frame than previously expected," McKalin also noted. "Furthermore, we have to add that it is surprising to see Windows Phone overtaking iOS so early in the game since the platform officially launched in China on March 21 2012. Gaining 7% in 2 months is just plain unbelievable."

However, as CNET's Lance Whitney pointed out, they still have a way to go to overtake Android, which currently claims approximately 69% of the smartphone market share in China.

According to Whitney, Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer for the Greater China Region Michel van der Bel has said that their quick growth in the region will help both their smartphone and tablet divisions gain traction among Beijing-area consumers and businesses. However, he added that they were still lacking in the app department when compared to Android's marketplace, and that there was a need to invest more heavily in Chinese research and development.

In other Microsoft smartphone-related news, Chris Davies of Slashgear reported Friday that the company is warning Windows Phone users that they will have to adopt the OS's Mango update or else they will be unable to access the app marketplace moving forward.

"This move is specifically for the smartphone-based software while large apps and games will still be able to be downloaded using Zune software as noted by Windows Phone´s Mazar Mohammed," Davies wrote. "This update is being pushed so that Windows Phone can have a uniform update to their Marketplace and so they can 'pave the way for new store features and new apps in the months ahead.'"

"This update comes this week“¦ with no specific date mentioned but because it is indeed a second update, we can assume the cut-off is going to be imminent. For those of you running a version of Windows Phone before 7.5, you´ll want to head to the Windows Phone Update Central page to get pushed. The requirement for updating to keep access to both new apps and app updates is not today, again, but will be extremely soon," he added.