Facebook's Zuckerberg Gets Hitched
May 21, 2012

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Gets Hitched

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com

Mark Zuckerberg has been making headlines for over a month as his social networking baby-turned-giant prepared to go public. On Friday, Facebook finally made its way to the Street, with stock hovering around the opening price of $38 before ending almost flat at $38.23. Zuck still managed to make out like a bandit however, his personal wealth now totaling $19 billion. So what´s a man in Zuck´s position to do next?

Apparently, get married. Then share the photos on your Facebook wall.

Oh, and change your status.

Possibly the richest 28-year old ever and his long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan (who wasn´t portrayed in The Social Network) entered into marital bliss on Saturday, one day after Facebook´s most important moment in its history. According to reports from People.com the ceremony took place in their backyard with less than 100 guests in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Zuck have a penchant for surprises, it seems, as the guests were under the impression they were attending a surprise party to celebrate Chan´s May 14th graduation from UCSF medical school. Incidentally, May 14th is also Zuckerberg´s birthday. According to People.com, the couple had been planning the ceremony for more than 4 months.

And how did Zuck break the news to the press and the rest of the world? By changing his status update, of course.

According to Forbes, when Zuck changed his status, he also changed some privacy settings, allowing the world to peak into his personal life and photos, including a photo of Mark and Priscilla in full wedding garb on their special day.

Then, on Sunday, his privacy controls shut down once more, his wedding-day cover picture replaced with a picture of “beast” his toy-dog.

While his privacy settings allowed the world to peruse his life, there were pictures of the billionaire from middle school, high school and college, as well as from the earliest days of “The Face Book.”

Zuck describes his privacy control settings as, “open communications, with some limited restrictions” in order to protect his family, friends and teddy bear. As such, any Facebook user can see the newest picture of the lovely couple, as well as discover Zuck´s newest decision to become an organ donor and his 2011 New Year´s resolution to become a vegetarian.

As far as the wedding, Priscilla now wears a ruby ring of Zuck´s design and wore a long, white and lacy gown on her special day. Mark shunned his usual hoodie and wore a simple dark suit with a narrow tie.

Mark and Priscilla met 9 years ago at Harvard University, around the same time Facebook first showed up on the web.

According to Forbes, the timing of the ceremony is most appropriate. Zuck´s billions from the IPO proceeds are now kept out of community property.

Always ready with a word of advice, Donald Trump told CNBC “So he´s gonna be worth like $18, $19 billion, you´re telling me he´s got a girlfriend, does he get a prenuptial agreement? They get married, and then for some reason over the next couple of years they get divorced and then she sues him for $10 billion and she hits the jackpot.”

Speaking from experience, Trump then said the new Mrs. Zuck would be doing well if she received $1 million from any pre-nup agreement.