YouTube Users Upload 3 Days Worth Of Video Every Minute
May 22, 2012

YouTube Users Upload 3 Days Worth Of Video Every Minute

While celebrating its seventh birthday this past weekend, YouTube announced that a total of 72 hours of video were being uploaded to the website every minute, CNET's Don Reisinger and other media outlets reported on Sunday.

In a blog post dated May 20, representatives of the Google-owned video-sharing website said that it was an increase of 24 hours of uploaded video per minute since their sixth birthday last year, and that every 60 seconds, users upload "three whole days worth of video" -- or, in other words, "61 Royal Wedding Ceremonies, 841 Bad Romances, and 1,194 Nyan Cats" every 60 seconds.

The astonishing statistics don't stop there, however. Contributing Writer Devin Coldewey notes that users are watching 3 billion hours of video each month or 70,000 hours per minute -- 1,000 times greater than the amount users are uploading to the website.

Oh, and the 72 hour per minute figure? Coldewey pointed out that it "doesn't include the various versions that YouTube encodes -- high definition, 3-D, etc. People are simply uploading three times as much video as they were two years ago."

The ability to convert short-form videos uploaded in 1080p to 3-D is just one of the new features added to YouTube over the past 365 days, PCMag's Angela Moscaritolo said. The website has been redesigned and has added new original programming through new affiliations with publishers, Hollywood actors and actresses, comedians, and sports organizations, she added.

"We´ve come a long way in the past 7 years," YouTube said in their blog post. "What started as a handful of videos shared among friends has transformed into a global platform delivering the next generation of channels to anyone, anywhere, and on any device."

"This last year was especially big for us. We helped bring more great channels to YouTube and we redesigned the site, making it easier for you to discover, watch and subscribe to the videos you love," they added. "And all 800 million of you all over the world have shown us we´re on the right track by increasing subscriptions 50% and watching over 3 billion hours a month."