Comcast’s TVs Of The Future
May 22, 2012

Comcast’s TVs Of The Future

Michael Harper for

If countless science fiction tales are correct, our television sets will one day be the entertainment and information epicenter of our homes. Like the proverbial Alice to our Brady bunch, the TV will know our schedules, what the weather looks like for the week, what shows will be airing that night, and even look after the house while we are away. Ever diligent, these future sets will reside in the common center of our houses, ready to serve.

If Comcast Corp has any say in the matter, they´ll be creating this kind of future sooner rather than later.

The cable company took the opportunity to open the Cable Show 2012 in Boston, MA, with the announcement of Project Dayview, a service Neil Smit, chief executive of Comcast calls,”“¦your own personal welcome screen,” according to the Boston Globe.

“It´s tying your entire life together.”

Project Dayview will be able to sync with an appointment calendar, not only keeping track of your schedule, but as it is integrated with your television, also knows when it should record one of your favorite programs if you have an appointment during that time. Subscribers to Comcast´s home security service will also be able to use Dayview to see images from their security cameras or even inform them of potential break-ins. All of these features – the calendar, DVR, security system and even lighting and thermostat settings – will be accessible via remote apps for iPhone and iPad.

Resembling Microsoft´s Metro UI, Dayview´s interface will allow you to “drill down” to access your agenda, traffic  reports, weather and even schedule which shows you´d like to watch or record that evening. According to PC Mag, this information will also be available as a screen saver when you walk away from your set.

Comcast also took time to confirm they will first roll out their X1 television viewing system to the Boston area on May 30. X1 is a new internet-enabled set-top box which will be capable of running popular internet apps and will come with social networking integration. With X1, viewers will be able to “like” shows on Facebook, and share their favorite shows with their friends.

With apps installed, X1 subscribers will also be able to control their televisions and DVRs with their iPhones or iPads.

“The X1 remote app unites the TV screen with customers´ mobile devices by creating an integrated experience between the customers´ swipe controls on their device and the viewing experience on the TV — they truly mirror each other,” said Sree Kotay, Senior Vice President and Chief Software Architect for Comcast Cable, according to their press release.

“By building this new app, we´ve made the remote control smarter and more functional“¦and just plain fun.”

For now, only those top-paying customers will be able to take advantage of X1. Only those Comcast subscribers who are enrolled in “triple-play”–a bundle of their internet, phone and TV services–will be able to try out the new service on May 30. According to the press release, there will be no charge for the new X1 service, though users will need to have a high definition TV and a DVR.