Apple Reaches Out To Their Cupertino Neighbors
May 23, 2012

Apple Reaches Out To Their Cupertino Neighbors

Michael Harper for

It seemed like a crazy joke at first, possibly created by the folks at the Onion. Last June, in the middle of WWDC 2011, Steve Jobs made headlines of a different sort when he popped in on a Cupertino City Council meeting to present his plans for a second Apple campus.

“Apple´s growing like a weed,” began Jobs.

“As you know, we´ve always been in Cupertino. We started in a little office park, and eventually got the buildings that we´re in now“¦and it´s clear that we need to build a new campus.”

That´s not the joke, of course. The joke is what the proposed building will look like. Upon first viewing the designs, it looked as if Apple was doing the worst impersonation of themselves, building what looks like a brilliant landed spaceship of gleaming aluminum and curved glass. The fact is, there are some who already consider an appreciation for all things Apple to be a religion in and of itself. This spaceship design would only fuel these kinds of jokes.

And for those who do appreciate Apple, the design does look beautiful. It will be a green building, have a “gorgeous” courtyard in the middle, and will even be home to apricot orchards.

In many ways, it will be seen as a lasting and physical representation of Steve´s legacy at Apple.

As Apple moves forward to turn Jobs´ dreams into a reality, they´ve begun to reach out their neighbors to let them know the spaceship is about to land in their backyards.

The company is soliciting feedback about their new campus and mailing out brochures to answer some questions about the effects the new campus will have on the community.

Apple news site obtained one of the brochures and listed some of the takeaways, including:

1. The new campus will be called “Campus 2,” and will not replace 1 Infinite Loop. Steve Jobs mentioned this himself when her first announced the campus to the City Council. Campus 2 will act as a “research facility” to some 13,000 employees and will allow for another 300,000 feet of expansion.

2. Keen to stay green, Apple will obtain LEED certification for the building and will keep heavy industrial machinery off-site. Apple will also continue to provide employee transportation, thus reducing the amount of traffic to and from Campus 2. Also, the roof of Campus 2 will be composed of a giant solar array, providing energy to the building.

3. Campus 2 will be closed to the public, so no tours, museums ,or gift shops, also reducing the amount of traffic.

4. There will be a “world class” auditorium in the southern tip of the building, where Apple will host product launches and corporate events.

5. Campus 2 will have a fitness / recreation center to the north west portion of the building in a separate structure so employees can maintain their healthy lifestyles.

6. Apple´s top brass will remain at 1 Infinite Loop and will not be relocating their offices to Campus 2

7. As soon as the city approves the changes–slated to be approved later this year–Apple will begin to break ground on the new facility.

Neighbors can fill out a response card or go to to voice their concerns or ask any further questions.