Geek Is In!
May 26, 2012

Geek Is In!

Lee Rannals for

Are you grabbing your black-rimmed glasses and curling up with an iPad to read about the latest-and-greatest the technology world has to offer? Then you might be able to hold your head a little higher knowing geeks are becoming more socially accepted across the nation.

Modis released a national survey it conducted in recognition of Geek Pride Day on Friday, May 25 that offered up some interesting points of how society's perception of geeks is evolving.

The survey found that just in the past year, 51 percent of Americans define geeks as professionally successful, which is a 31 percent climb compared to 2011.

Modis also showed that 71 percent of survey respondents identified geeks as the go-to people when it comes to getting technology advice, versus 56 percent last year.

As geeks become more socially acceptable, some may feel more apt to admit their passion for electronics and super heroes. However, there still may be a few more closet-geeks that are either unaware, or ashamed to wrap themselves up into the geek-chic category.

So, seeing as how geeks are climbing up the social ladder, RedOrbit has decided to put together a small questionnaire to help you assess whether you, or a "friend", is a member of the nerdvana state of mind.

Would you be more stressed out by losing the files on your computer's hard drive than going through a break up or getting the flu?  If you answered yes, you just might be a geek, because according to Modis, 60 percent of your kind agree with you.

Would you find it difficult to go a day without using either a smartphone, computer or MP3 player?  If you say yes, then you might be normal, because the survey found that 70 percent of both self-professed geeks and geeks-in-denial admitted they would have trouble going at least a day without their electronic device. However, if you said yes with a lisp, regardless if it was caused by a retainer or not, you might be a geek.

Were you one of the 1,008 Americans who decided after answering your phone that you would participate in a survey about geeks? Well you just might be a geek. Although only 17 percent of those surveyed identified themselves as geeks to Modis, 83 percent were clearly in denial, because it takes a special someone proudly wearing green lantern undies to think that would be fun.

Are you aware that May 25th is not only Geek Pride day, but also coincides with the release of the first Star Wars movie? If so, you would be amazing at trivia, but you´re also a geek.

Lastly, have you ever sent in a comment to RedOrbit criticizing the grammar or spelling of a feature or news article? Well, if so, you might just once again be a geek, and for that, we appreciate you!