Leaked iPhone Parts Could Confirm Larger Screen, New Connector
May 29, 2012

Leaked iPhone Parts Could Confirm Larger Screen, New Connector

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com

As we get closer to a new iPhone release, the rumors will – as they always have – begin to flow as freely as the waters of the great Multnomah Falls. Leaked parts and components and third party cases are nothing new when it comes to an impending iPhone release. What´s different this year, however, is the timing of this deluge of supposed information. Most rumors still hold that the phone will be released this fall, around last year´s October date.

However, we´ve already seen leaked parts, heard stories of test prototypes and even a confirmation (more or less) on the size of the screen.

This morning, more news came from rumor sites 9to5Mac.com and MacRumors.com as both claim to have images of the new iPhones front and back panels.

9 to 5 Mac got the jump on the news this morning, claiming the iPhone repair specialists at iFixyouri have entered a new part in their catalog for any future iPhone repairs. As noted by 9 to 5 Mac, these new parts could either be the real thing or parts to one of the early prototypes. Regardless, the Chinese supplier of these parts is said to be reliable and is already selling these components. The parts in question are a back and front plate for the phone and, from what the pictures show, confirm several rumors. The plates appear to be slimmer, taller (leaving room for a 3.999 display) and even have a smaller slot on the bottom for a revised connector port. The supplier has also said there is extra space at the bottom of the device to make room for better, louder speakers as the back plate is composed of one piece of material, anchored by aluminum, not LiquidMetal.

The supplier also told iFixyouri that, for the first time, the iPhone could come in an array of colors besides plain black and white.

Sounds suspicious, but as the next iPhone is rumored to be widely released in China, where the people there love their bright colors, perhaps this will be a way to market the phone to this demographic?

Not to be outdone, MacRumors.com has posted pictures from another, similar named iPhone repair company, uBreakiFix. According to MacRumors, the repair company has also received photos of what seems to be the same part, though this time in white. These pictures show the front plate in greater detail, complete with extra room at the bottom and a smaller dock port. Interestingly, these pictures show the headphone jack to be at the bottom of the device, just to the right of the connector port, like an iPod Touch. This movement of the headphone jack could confirm an earlier leaked component which has the headphone jack aimed towards the bottom, just next to the connector. Though Eric Slivka, MacRumors writer, suggests the font for the word “iPhone” looks suspicious on the back plate of the pictures they´ve seen, the parts do appear to be much slimmer and able to house a larger screen.

These leaks suggest an imminent release, though a beta of iOS 6 has yet to be given to any developers. The next generation of iOS is expected to be announced and released in beta form to Apple devs in 2 weeks at WWDC 2012. As Apple prepared for the launch of the iPhone 4S and new iPad, they began to ramp up production early in order to have plenty devices available at launch and in the following weeks. If rumors about China Mobile adopting the iPhone this year are true, (as well as rumors about a 4G iPhone) then it is likely Apple is expecting to sell millions and millions of these phones straight away and simply wants to have them ready and waiting for the masses. But would they leave these precious new iPhones sitting at Foxconn for upwards of 4 months before a release?