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Incentivated Launches Cross-platform In-App Messaging API

May 30, 2012

LONDON, May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Leading mobile marketing and technology company, Incentivated
[http://www.incentivated.com ], has announced the launch of a cross-platform In-App
messaging [http://www.incentivated.com/web/enterprise-messaging.aspx ] API, the latest
tool to come online through its cutting edge mobile marketing SaaS platform ‘iris’.

Support is provided for Apple (iOS), Android, Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Mobile.
The API can be retrospectively added to enable messaging to customers with existing apps,
no matter who they were built by, as well as be added to brand new apps.

In-App messages, or “App-Push Notifications
[http://www.incentivated.com/web/enterprise-messaging.aspx ]“, are a simple way of engaging
with customers through their smart phones or tablets. They are messages or instructions
sent directly to the customer’s phone, in a similar manner to SMS, but via the hardware
manufacturer, rather than the mobile network operator (MNO). Clients can choose to route
messages to their mobile apps as an alert with badges, marquee, pop-up, ‘toast’ etc or as
SMS or both SMS and app-push. Iris applies the relevant business logic automatically on
account of its single customer view (“SCV”).

This gateway for app-push notifications is designed to complement the development and
launch of an app. The API can send in-app messages across a portfolio of apps on different
platforms if necessary. Any app developer can use the API.

Once the customer has opted in to receive push notifications, after downloading the
application, communications can be delivered to their device, even when the app isn’t
open. And because there is no involvement with the mobile networks, there is no message
transmission cost involved.

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About Incentivated

Incentivated [http://www.incentivated.com ] (http://www.incentivated.com) is an
independent technology company with 10 years’ experience operating exclusively in the
mobile marketing [http://www.incentivated.com/web/your-mobile-strategy.aspx ] services

We help our international client base engage with their customers by designing,
developing and delivering integrated acquisition, retention (CRM) and transaction
(mCommerce [http://www.incentivated.com/web/mcommerce.aspx ]) campaigns and services for

Our proprietary technology and specialist staff are well positioned to help brands,
the public sector and charities to develop everything from enterprise messaging
[http://www.incentivated.com/web/enterprise-messaging.aspx ] (SMS & MMS) through mobile
internet sites [http://www.incentivated.com/web/mobile-internet.aspx ], to server-side
software or handset applications [http://www.incentivated.com/web/apps.aspx ], including
web-apps, for ‘smartphones’ and feature-phones.

We also provide strategic [http://www.incentivated.com/web/your-mobile-strategy.aspx
], creative [http://www.incentivated.com/web/creative-services.aspx ] and technical advice
for the use of mobile by businesses to raise awareness, deliver marketing ROI and provide
customer service, as well as other managed services
[http://www.incentivated.com/web/managed-services.aspx ].

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