MindMachines.com Study Reveals Data Suggesting Binaural Beats Produce Positive Influence on Plants

June 2, 2012

Scientific study suggest that pulsed dual independent binaural beats, when played at a very low volume, affects both humans and plant-life in a positive manner.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 02, 2012

Observations in a small study sponsored by MindMachines.com suggest that pulsed dual independent binaural beats, when played at a very low volume, affects both humans and plant-life in a positive manner. Experiencing 515 LoopLogic audio stimulation resulted in focused relaxation for people while plants responded with increased growth and healthier foliage. The twelve month study measured plant growth in two groups one treated with 515 binaural beat sessions once a day for 45 minutes and a control group that did not receive audio stimulation. Each group contained both sego lilies and orchids. Measurements of foliage production seem to indicate a 12-25% increase in growth for the stimulated group.

As the Staff Psychologist for a major law enforcement agency stated “Not only have we found the 515 helpful for our clients, but our office staff has had days where they listen to 515 dual independent binaural beats in their workspace for themselves. The relaxation session is especially useful for clients suffering from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). They report that it helps them to relax, to focus on tasks and to sleep.”

The 515 Looplogic MP3 consists of five dual independent binaural beat sessions targeting the four general brainwave states: Beta Energize for mental and physical alertness -10:09; Alpha for focus and relaxation -20:16; Theta for meditation -10:10, Delta for deep sleep -26:10 and Alpha/Theta for meditation -7:10. The 515 MP3 is downloadable and easily stored in your iTunes or MP3 music library. The 515 sessions are played at a very low volume, with headphones for personal use or speakers for group utilization.

H.E. from Oklahoma has this to say about the benefits of 515 audio stimulation, reporting “My wife has had a severe insomnia problem for about 7 years. We´’ve tried everything: herbs, light therapy, over-the-counter sleeping aids, melatonin, and a lot more. We´ve read experts´ books on what causes insomnia, and we´ve followed the guidelines for trying to resolve it. My wife is a very light sleeper, and once she awakens in the middle of the night has serious difficulty getting back to sleep. We purchased the 515 dual independent binaural beat MP3. We´’ve had more success than with anything else we´ve used in the past. We hope to totally resolve the insomnia problem. Incidentally, I also find that using the alpha session of the 515 MP3 just feels good throughout the day while I´m working at the office.”

Michael Landgraf, avid gardener and mind machine enthusiast, says, “After completing my amateur experiment, and seeing the differences in growth and hardiness between the plants that were given 515 dual independent binaural beat treatment sessions to those who did not, it became apparent that the utilization of the 515 MP3 does have a positive affect. The plants receiving the 515 treatment sessions responded positively and appeared to mature faster, in terms of growth (Sego Lily) and coming into bloom (Orchids). The plants that did not receive the special treatment sessions continued to grow, and the Orchids eventually grew spikes that turned into blossoms. But their growth process was slower. I have found using 515 LoopLogic audio stimulation a fascinating tool for enabling plants to mature faster, appear healthier and prolong the beauty associated with plants during the Spring growing season. For those of you who enjoy maintaining a garden, incorporating 515 dual independent binaural beat frequencies is a time and cost-effective method for improving the health of your plants.”

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