Does Smart Glass Domain Purchases By Microsoft Reveal Latest Xbox Technology?
June 4, 2012

Do Smart Glass Domain Purchases By Microsoft Reveal Latest Xbox Technology?

Microsoft is gobbling up domain names related to Smart Glass, which could indicate some kind of new touch screen media or gaming technology is on its way from the Xbox labs in Redmond.

Buying related domain names is an indication that someone is trying to prevent domain squatters from clouding an otherwise popular product prior to its launch. With these new domains being purchased just prior to E3, the biggest gaming industry event of the year, it seems likely that Microsoft is going to announce a hypothetical Xbox Smart Glass tablet, writes Venture Beat´s Tom Cheredar.

A closed-door Microsoft event happened late last week, writes Mark Ruby of SlashGear, presumably showing off the Smart Glass technology but details were not forthcoming. Smart Glass may allow users to beam content on their smartphones or tablets directly to their TV, through the Xbox 360, a console that launched more than a half a decade ago.

Xbox still exists in some forms with no external hard drive, built-in WiFi, or HDMI connectivity, and still relies on outdated DVD media.

It could be something to counter Nintendo´s upcoming Wii U tablet controller, or perhaps something related to making TV screens more interactive in conjunction with the motion-sense tech Kinect.

As such, it doesn´t sound like there is anything incredibly ground breaking here, Apple´s Airplay has been in people´s hands for quite a while already. Perhaps Microsoft once again wants to prove the only thing you need to have connected to your TV is an Xbox 360.

The new domain purchases were spotted by Fusible, which notes that Microsoft bought them on the same day news of the Xbox Smart Glass leaked via the Examiner two days ago.

Smart Glass is said to be available for tablets and phones running Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Yes, it´ll be about as multiplatform as it gets, and if this presentation proves to be legitimate, we´ll be learning a lot more next week when E3 gets underway.