Siri On The iPad?
June 4, 2012

Siri On The iPad?

Michael Harper for

It's been a feature that's been clamored for ever since it first debuted...on another product. Now, if new rumors from are correct, everyone's favorite sassy, intelligent personal assistant will find a new home on the iPad.

According to the folks at 9 to 5 Mac, Apple has been testing Siri on both the current generation iPad and the iPad 2 in the latest build of iOS 6. They do note, however, that it is unclear if Siri will launch on both of these devices or only the retina display version, assuming she makes a “fashionably late” appearance at all.

When she first launched with the iPhone 4S last fall (though “she” is also a man in other countries) the general consensus was Apple would move her to the iPad as soon as they could. Then, when Tim Cook took the stage a few months back to introduce the new, numberless iPad, Siri was curiously absent. Apple watchers and tech bloggers began to question if iPad users would actually use a digital assistant on a device that isn't often held near their mouths. Yet, as these pundits questioned things from natural human behavior to daily iPad habits, owners of iPads continued to call for the functionality, natural human behavior be dammed. After all, if you can take a video with an iPad – despite its discomfort – why shouldn't you be able to ask your iPad if it's raining in Paris this weekend?

Other reasons were thrown around to explain Siri's notable absence. After all, she is still in Beta mode, and offering her assistance to another 6 million or so users could have brought her services to a stand-still. After all, for all her wisdom and salty responses, she is unavailable more often than most of us would like.

By slowly introducing her to additional devices, Apple is able to scale the service on a timeline they are comfortable with.

If she were to make a grand appearance for both the iPad 2 and New iPad, Apple would effectively say they finally have most of the kinks worked out and are ready to show Siri off on a full-time basis.

9 to 5 Mac also says that the new iPad version of Siri will not be a full-screen experience. With a 9.7-inch display, a full screen version of Siri could be daunting, if not intimidating. The site has posted a mock-up of what Siri on an iPad could look like. The familiar rectangular screen is shown just over the home button and boasts those familiar rounded edges Apple is so fond of. Siri's window pane also extends the linen background now synonymous with Apple devices.

It is also unclear if this testing means Apple will introduce Siri on the iPad during next week's WWDC keynote, or if they will instead wait to make one, large Siri announcement when they announce the next-generation iPhone.

Siri availability on the iPad is only one of many advancements expected to show up in the newest version of iOS, currently codenamed “Sundance.”

Apple is now largely expected to roll out a new version of their Maps app, bringing 3D views to the app and moving all of the heavy lifting and data retrieval in-house.

Apple has also been slowly moving to bring OS X and iOS closer together in terms of features and functionality. As also noted by 9 to 5 mac, Apple could release a “Do Not Disturb” feature in Notification Center for both iOS and Mac OS X Mountain Lion.