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ViXS(TM) and KWorld(R) Announce HD Transcoder Reference Platform for Multiple High Volume Application Markets

June 4, 2012

XCode(R) Engine Delivers Exceptional Video Quality for USB Powered HD Transcoder
Reference Platform

TORONTO, June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – ViXS Systems Inc. and KWorld today
announced HU320 USB HD Transcoding Stick, a reference platform that
OEMs can adopt to enhance their products with media content mobility
functions. The HU320 platform has been designed to add HD transcoding
technology to Set-top Box, PC, NAS, Router and other CE platforms,
allowing consumers to view their media content anywhere in the world.

Driven by consumer demand to access their media content anywhere,
anytime, there is an increasing demand for enhanced media processing
capabilities such as real-time transcoding and DLNA streaming to iPADs,
tablets and DLNA clients. ViXS remains the only proven and deployed HD
transcoding solution capable of being bus powered over USB. HU320
incorporates ViXS’ XCode media processing functions in a sleek and
ultra-slim form factor.

HU320 reference platform boasts excellent video quality at full HD
resolution and supports new consumer devices including Apple iPAD, and
Android tablets. Leading transcoding technology from ViXS ensures
excellent video quality at low bit rates on iPADs / tablets, PCs and
smart phones anywhere in the world even in a bandwidth constrained

“HU320 reference platform is a cost-effective means for an OEM to add
media processing capability to an existing platform”, said James Hsieh,
Vice President at KWorld. “The low power XCode SOC has enabled us to
design a very innovative product with excellent video quality and
support for multiple codecs and containers.”

“KWorld’s HU320 platform provides time-to-market to OEMs in adding media
processing functions to their designs”, said Kiran Koshy, Director of
Marketing at ViXS Systems. “Consumer digital media content consumption
is dramatically changing to include new devices and applications. XCode
processors provide the highest integration and most comprehensive set
of features to deliver media content to these new devices.”

Key features of the XCode processors include:

        --  Highly concurrent multi-stream HD media processing engine
        --  Dedicated network processor for high throughput network
        --  Support for Over-the-top (OTT) video services and content
        --  Compliant software stacks to support  "Digital Living  Network
            Alliance(R)", (DLNA(R)) Digital Media Server (DMS) for streaming
        --  Complete Xtensiv(TM) Software stack for quick time to market

About ViXS Systems Inc.

ViXS is a multimedia solutions innovator providing technologies for
processing, managing, securing and distributing high quality video and
audio allowing seamless control, conversion, and connectivity between
many classes and sizes of digital entertainment devices.

ViXS supplies advanced System-on-Chip semiconductors, software solutions
and hardware reference designs for the world’s top manufacturers of
Digital TVs, DVDs, Set-top boxes, Personal Video Recorders, PCs,
Network-Attached Storage devices, Residential/Home Gateways, Blu-ray
players/recorders, as well as Broadcast and Professional Equipment

ViXS is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with global operations and
offices in Europe, Asia and North America. ViXS has 382 patents issued
and pending worldwide. Listed for four years running as one of
Deloitte’s fastest growing North American companies, ViXS is setting
new standards in the way digital entertainment is viewed and
transmitted across an endless array of multimedia products.

For more information on ViXS, please visit our website: www.vixs.com.

VIXS, the ViXS( )logo, XCode, XConnex and Xtensiv are trademarks and/or registered
trademarks of ViXS. Other trademarks are the property of their
respective owners.

About KWorld

Since its establishment in 1999, KWorld Computer Co., Ltd. has gone
through a dramatic transformation within these past few years on the
ultimate mission to become the leader of digital entertainment
provider. KWorld’s product lines include: PC-TV, Video Capture, Video
Converter, HD Webcam, Wi-Fi Display and PC-based Surveillance.

The official 3 B’s of KWorld – Best Technology, Best Quality and Best
Service, is our undiminished commitment to our clients and end-users.
KWorld Research and Development Team deliver dependable technology
aligning with consumer needs and integrate KWorld-original software
with the innovative hardware.o

For further information on KWorld OEM/ODM products, please visit: www.maxmediatek.com

SOURCE ViXS Systems Inc.

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