Sony Releases PlayStation Move Racing Wheel
June 5, 2012

Sony Releases PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

Michael Harper for

This year´s E3 conference is only 1 day old, and already we´ve seen a host of new titles from EA, Microsoft and Sony. While Microsoft had a few new services and technologies to introduce, Sony kept things simple, introducing a bevy of new titles during their presentation. Then, as soon as they walked off stage, they introduced one more product so yawn worthy, they had to do it under the shame-guise of their official blog. Introducing, the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel.

The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel is less wheel and more handles, though I suppose that title isn´t quite as “sexy” (sexy?) as Racing Wheel. According to their official blog, Sony says, “The all new PlayStation Move Racing Wheel transforms your PlayStation Move motion controller into the ultimate racing experience, supporting any vehicle you choose to drive.”

A hollow circle in the middle with handle-bar grips on either side, the Racing Wheel is a peripheral which allows you to stick your awkward-looking Move motion controller in the middle. From there, you only need to rock the Racing Wheel back and forth as you cruise through your video game´s city streets, providing you with the “ultimate racing experience.”

Worried about precision? The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel provides “Precise motion tracking” so you can accurately steer your vehicular mode of transport, whatever it may be!

Feel like taking the motorbike out for a spin? The “innovative folding grip design” is ready to indulge this whim, unfurling its grips into soaring eagle position.

Do you normally stray away from extra peripherals and add-ons because it never feels like the real thing? This little add-on gives you just the right amount of vibration to provide the ultimate experience in feedback as you maneuver your vehicle across all manner of tight and twisty terrain. If you´re ready to get your hands all over the action, the Move Racing Wheel allows you to “experience realistic game play action” as you flip your paddles and twist the realistic grips of the device. Adding this life-like add-on to your gaming routine will only set you back $39.99, but you will have to wait until its fall release date. When it does release, the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel will support games like “Little Big Planet Karting,” “Gran Turismo 5,” and “BurnOut Paradise.”

Of course, there´s nothing wrong with releasing such peripherals to be used with your console and games. It also makes sense that you´d announce it during E3 on a platform which won´t be getting a lot of press, such as a blog. Still, the whole thing seems like a paltry nod to the Playstation Move system. It doesn´t advance the platform in any real way, only appease those who might be asking for such functionality in their racing experiences.

In terms of “new,” Sony announced something called “Wonderbooks,” which will make use of augmented reality to provide children with a new way to enjoy their books. Author J. K. Rowling is involved in Wonderbooks, crafting a predictable title, Book of Spells. Players will use the aforementioned Move controller to wave a wand to cast spells over the hardware, causing the game to come to life.