MyDJTube.com Unites DJs and Their Fans with Groundbreaking Live Streaming Services

June 5, 2012

Social networks provide a versatile venue for sharing music and cultivating community, but those resources have never been fully utilized until now, with the launch of MyDJTube.com and its innovative live streaming services for DJs and their fans.

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

For DJs and their fans, music is best enjoyed as a social experience. Whether listening to a favorite track or discovering a new artist, the music-listening experience is one best savored with others. It is this aspect of music fandom that the Internet is uniquely equipped to deliver, but the social music experience has never been as fully realized as it is now, with the launch of a brand new online DJ community called MyDJTube.com. Upon its debut on June 19th, MyDJTube.com will immediately become the most innovative online music site of its kind, offering a wide array of communal experiences and music-sharing applications designed to appeal to DJs and listeners in equal measure.

Brandon Lam, the founder and developer of MyDJTube.com, says that serving these two demographics is what the site is all about. “The Internet has made it easier than ever before for music to be shared and savored among different people and different groups, yet very few social networks have really capitalized on this,” observes Lam. “MyDJTube.com is a site devoted to helping DJs deliver their music to a broader audience, and to more ably and efficiently brand and promote themselves. It is also designed to help music lovers discover new artists, and to connect with their favorite DJs directly.”

Lam says that the fans are the most important members of the MyDJTube.com community, so much so that the site simply refers to them as “The People.” For fans, membership to the site is free, and provides access to exclusive audio downloads, social profiles with the MDT music player, discussion forums and much more. As Lam puts it, the site combines everything that has proved successful about social networking, but keeps the focus on music. “The site is a savvy blend of Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, combined to generate a community of people who are passionate about DJ music,” he explains.

For DJs, a monthly or yearly subscription gains them access to this community of eager listeners, which Lam describes as “the perfect platform for building a DJ resume and loyal fan base.” DJs can upload and host all their tracks, mixes and remixes via the MDT music manager, and also use the site´s social messaging services to interact with those fans directly. DJs can monitor full analytics towards all their music uploads and also participate within the MyDJTube.com Community Blog.

Furthermore, the most eager DJs will receive some extra perks. Lam is celebrating the site´s launch by giving away free lifetime memberships to the first hundred DJs who join the MyDJTube.com community. The next 200 DJs to join will be offered lifetime memberships at a discounted rate of just $17, in total. These will be the only lifetime memberships the site offers.

The biggest selling point of a DJ membership may be the site´s “DJ Live” feature. According to Lam, this is something that places his social network far above the rest. “Not only does MyDJTube.com offer lower subscription fees than our leading competitors, but we also offer features that nobody else has,” he says. “The most significant of these features is live streaming, where DJs can actually make their sets available for the whole world to hear, live and in real time, via MyDJTube.com.” Lam notes that while other sites have dabbled in live DJ streaming, his is the first site to make this a standard, regular feature.

“Ultimately, it is one of the many ways in which our site brings DJs and their fans closer together,” Lam concludes. “Whether you are a DJ seeking to build your following, or simply a listener hungry for new music, MyDJTube.com is a community that caters to your needs.”


MyDJTube.com is an innovative social network designed to showcase the best features of Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace, but with DJ music always at its core. The site´s mission is to unite DJs and eager music fans. DJs are offered live streaming services and online music management tools, perfect for building their following and generating new fans. Listeners, meanwhile, are given an ideal way to sample new artists and discover new favorites. MyDJTube.com was founded in 2012 by Brandon Lam, and is accessible at http://www.mydjtube.com.

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