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Halon Security takes lead in anti-spam software on VMware(TM) Solution Exchange

June 6, 2012

GOTHENBURG, June 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

With the launch of the VMware(TM) Solution Exchange, thousands of VMware(TM) customers
around the world can collaborate and discuss VMware Ready(TM) certified solutions listed
in the VMware(TM) Solution Exchange. All solutions listed on the VMware(TM) Solution
Exchange are certified by VMware(TM) to work perfectly on the VMware(TM) virtualization

With Halon Virtual Spam Prevention(TM)(VSP) the precious time of the IT department
staffs are saved from hunting and getting rid of spam, malware, trojans and viruses from
the users mailboxes. The Halon VSP analyzes every incoming and outgoing email in real
time, and by comparing and analyzing the email content and looking at the behavior of each
spammer and the suspected email, Halon VSP has an unprecedented record of catching and
keeping spam, malware, viruses and trojans from infecting users computers and potentially
destroying work and putting entire corporations at risk.

        - We've been working closely with VMware(TM) for many years and the Virtual
          Spam Prevention software has been VMware Ready(TM) approved for a long time. By being
          uniquely listed on the VMware(TM) Solution Exchange, we are reaching lots of new
          potential customers that are tired of spam, malware, viruses and trojans infecting
          users email every day, says Peter Falck, President and founder of Halon Security.

Halon VSP includes a wide range of technologies to keep the corporate email safe. At
IP level, Halon VSP uses GlobalView(TM), a global well proven real time network to stop
zombie and bot net outbreaks anywhere in the world. The moment an attack is started, all
members of the GlobalView(TM) network is alerted and immediately blocks the attacking IP
addresses from even connecting to your Halon VSP. This has been proven to be very
effective, as GlobalView(TM) stops more than 98% of all IP-based spam attacks.

        - Building and maintaining a scalable, redundant and future proof email
          infrastructure has never been easier. For corporations already running a virtualized
          server environment the Halon VSP easily slots into the already present infrastructure
          with ease. Most users are up and running in 30-45 minutes and the Halon VSP takes care
          of business with little or no management, says Peter Falck, President and founder of
          Halon Security.

        For more information, please contact:
        Peter Falck
        Halon Security
        Email: peter.falck@halonsecurity.com
        Phone: +46-31-301 19 20
        Cell:  +46-70-954 8971

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