I'd Like A Deep Fried Gadget With A Side Of Awesome
June 7, 2012

I’d Like A Deep Fried Gadget With A Side Of Awesome

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com

As America continues to grow fat, State Fairs all across the country keep reaching for the stars with the most creative food to fry up and serve to their beloved fans, whether its fried butter, bacon or Twinkies. But, just when it seems like the limit on fried things is unable to be pushed any further, Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves turns to a shock-and-awe method with his "Deep Fried Gadgets" project.

Hargreaves captured photos of an iPhone, iPod, iPad and other gadgets that look tastier than ever before, battered down with plenty of grease and fried texture.

Although Apple does a pretty good job of designing products that are overwhelming desirable, Hargreaves took it a step further by adding America's favorite ingredient: a deep fryer.

The photographer's ambition for the project was driven out of both creativity and a video of Japanese kids trying to fry their Playstation Portable.

"I found a video of some Japanese kids trying to deep fry a PSP and eat it, it didn't work and they made a mess of it, but I loved the idea and thought it could be expanded and photographed in a beautiful way," Hargreaves told redOrbit via email.

He said he hopes consumers see similarities with his project between the tech culture and fast food: "Quickly devoured and then discarded."

As new products continue to be pumped out of the technology industry each quarter, millions of Americans feel that the product they once carefully unpackaged, and ensured did not get scratched, are now ancient. Instead of being filled with glee and satisfaction, companies like Apple announce a new iPhone and they are filled with envy.

As appealing as the imagery is that Hargreaves created with his photography, and as much as the artistic effort really captivates the picture of a society's endless craving for gadgets, one can't help but to cringe a little bit when they see the picture of an Apple Macbook that has been mutilated by way of deep frying.

However, Hargreaves ensured me that no devices were harmed in the making of the photography project.

He said he recreated the devices from foam core, because using the real thing would have been too costly and too dangerous. "Lithium batteries in 400 degrees Fahrenheit oil, not that brave," the photographer told redOrbit.

He did take all the precautions beforehand that any tech-savvy person might do to ensure he wasn't about to consume the very product he loved, by eating beforehand. "I ate just before the shoot so was quite full," he told redOrbit.

For now, Hargreaves said he was happy with his photography project, and doesn't plan on continuing to deep fry electronics. But, let´s all hope that if he does choose to do so in the future, it'll be with more archaic devices, like the Zune, so that they are a lot less appetizing to look at.