Alleged New iPhone Parts Shown In Video
June 7, 2012

Alleged New iPhone Parts Shown In Video

Michael Harper for

It´s happened again. There´s been yet another iPhone leak, confirming nearly every persistent rumor and yet, confirming nothing all at once.

Early last week we saw what are expected to be the front and back plates of the yet-to-be announced device. These covers, should they be at all legitimate, suggest the next iPhone will, in fact, boast a 4-inch-ish screen on top of a slimmer body, thanks in part to a new charging port and screen technology. Now, there´s glorious video to support these claims, as “multinational retailer of phone parts, products and services” ETrade Supply posted a video of a similar back plate.

The man displaying the piece in the video seems to be unsure as to what the part actually is, saying, “maybe it is a new iPhone component. Maybe an iPhone 5 component, I don´t know.”

He could just be playing coy, however. The same back plate has shown up in a couple of different places for different parts vendors. It does seem a bit odd that so many people could be so completely unified in how wrong they are.

The part shown in the video looks an awful lot like the existing iPhone 4 and 4S, an interesting choice for Apple, unless they believe they finally got it right with their Braun-esque design. It is a beautiful phone after all. This piece shown on video is different from the previous seen parts in one way, however. Whereas the previous plates were shown in either black or white, this back piece is simply a dark, brushed metal.

The video also explains that the headphone port has been moved to the bottom of the device, just to the right of the new, slimmer charging port, just like the iPod Touch. The speaker grills have also grown, taking on a cheese-grater look, like a very small version of the Mac Pro front plate. These longer speaker grilles occupy the space once taken up by the charging port, which has gotten considerably smaller. If Apple does end up changing this port, every cable and third-party accessory released to this point will no longer be compatible. This isn´t a bad decision“¦after all, Apple only makes decisions like this when they feel the entire device and ecosystem can benefit. It will be, however, a little inconvenient for those who have been collecting 30-pin compatible cords and devices since the early days of the iPod.

This new design not only looks interesting, but it becomes intriguing as well when placed next to existing iPhone parts. As seen in the video, the current iPhone 4 and 4S are essentially an electronic sandwich, with the screen and back-plate surrounding a middle piece which houses all of the components. The leaked piece seen on this video is simply the back piece, meaning the new iPhone will allegedly be “uni-body” as it were, with all of the components fit into this one piece. If this piece is accurate, Apple could have spent the past 2 years stripping away a few millimeters as they refine their production process. This new design might also utilize the rumored in-cell screen technology, which removes the protective pane of glass and lets you touch the actual elements on the screen. The Retina Display already feels like touching the real thing, so in-cell technology could simply be used to make a thinner phone.

These parts have gotten too much airplay lately to be seen as complete bunk. However, if Tim Cook was serious about “doubling down” on secrecy, maybe this is all one well-executed controlled leak for the enjoyment of Ive and his lair of designers.