Did This App Just Announce New Retina Display Macs?
June 8, 2012

Did This App Just Announce New Retina Display Macs?

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com

This year´s WWDC is likely going to be a doozy. The anticipation and excitement building up to this point could be considered downright deadly to those Apple watchers with pacemakers or other known heart conditions.

Some say Tim Cook and Crew will announce a bevy of updates across the entire Mac line.

Some say Apple will drop a few hints about the Rumored Apple Television, if not announce the thing altogether.

Some even say Apple will announce a new iPhone, though these people are becoming quieter and quieter with every passing day.

Of course, it´s most likely Apple will announce new features for iOS 6 and a release date for their new Mac operating system, OS X Mountain Lion.

One of the features expected in Mountain Lion is Retina graphics, and to take advantage of these high-def graphics, Apple would also need to roll out new Macs. Thus, the expectation for updated computers.

This morning, a bold, clumsy or daring developer – not sure which adjective best fits them yet – released an update to their app in preparation for Mountain Lion and possible new computers.

There it was, in broad computer-light, in the Mac App store: FolderWatch, now featuring Retina Graphics.

Of course, this admittance of support for Retina Graphics could mean a few things.

First, Apple has been saying they will support HiDPI graphics for a few years now. As such, app developers have been including high definition graphics in their apps, just in case. Retina, however, might just be the brand name Apple puts on these high resolution displays.

Besides, the definition of “Retina” can be a bit fuzzy. Apple defines it as a display where the pixels cannot be clearly identified by the human eye at a reasonable distance. It´s possible the app will simply look better on Apple´s Cinema Displays and the developers to advantage of all the recent talk of Retina to get their name out there first.

Secondly, Brothers Roloff, developers of FolderWatch, could simply be playing it safe, updating their app to have it ready if and when Apple pushes go on their Retina Display button. After all, where there´s smoke, there´s fire, and lately there´s been a roasty, toasty aroma accompanying all this smoke around the Retina display rumors. It makes sense the Brothers Roloff would want to be prepared in the event of a monumental Apple announcement come Monday.

Finally, Apple could have given the Brothers Roloff a little hint or a knowing-smile, encouraging them to update. Apple is proud of their secrecy, but they also want people to be able to take advantage of their new products and services immediately, ThunderBolt notwithstanding. This means developers have to have their apps ready as soon as products hit the ground.

The devil´s advocate argument to each of these scenarios, however, is the fact that Apple had to first approve the app and its description before it landed in the App store. Someone at Apple took the liberty of pushing this app through, whether they happened to miss the not-so-subtle mention of their possible future announcements or just decided to mess with those of us who can´t sit still from all the anticipation.

Apple´s WWDC Keynote will begin Monday at 10 am PST, though it has yet to be announced who will be giving the presentation.