AT&T, Verizon Not Honoring Galaxy S III Dropbox Promotion
June 11, 2012

AT&T, Verizon Not Honoring Galaxy S III Dropbox Promotion

Two of the largest cellphone service providers in the United States will not be honoring a promotion that would give Samsung Galaxy S III owners 50GB of free cloud storage from Dropbox, various media outlets reported over the weekend.

AT&T and Verizon have both opted out of the promotion, which was announced when the smartphone was first unveiled early last month and would have given customers two years worth of storage, VentureBeat's Tom Cheredar wrote on Sunday. Their decision was confirmed on Dropbox's official customer support website, but no official reason for the move was provided, he added.

PCMag's David Murphy called Verizon and AT&T's refusal to honor the promotion, which provides a service valued at $9.99 per month free of charge for a limited time, "a buzzkill." Likewise, Android Community's Cory Gunther said that while it "is hardly a deal breaker, it is bad news and should potentially help out the sales for international models or for T-Mobile."

Cheredar surmises that there are "two logical explanations" as to why neither service provider will be offering the Dropbox promotion. The first, which he says is "less likely," is that AT&T and Verizon have concerns over the potential strain on their networks. The second and more probable reason, Cheredar claims, is that each of them are preparing similar cloud-storage services which "could be bundled with monthly cell phone bills."

In the meantime, Murphy advises that customers shouldn't worry too much about missing out on the offer.

"Don't sweat it too much that you're missing out on some amazing experience just because you happen to use a Samsung Galaxy S III on either Verizon or AT&T," he explains. "It's not as if cloud storage deals don't come around all the time, after all. While fifty gigabytes is certainly one of the larger ones, its usefulness is limited by the fact that it eventually goes away."

However, anyone who is concerned about missing out on the free, temporary Dropbox upgrade might want to pass when the AT&T and Verizon versions of the Galaxy S III drop in early July, said Cheredar. Those individuals might prefer to hold out to see whether or not the Sprint and T-Mobile versions of the device (due out later this year) to see whether or not they honor the promotion.