Will Apple Make The MacBook Pro Lineup Prettier?
June 11, 2012

Will Apple Make The MacBook Pro Lineup Prettier?

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com

We should all pity Apple. Sure, they´re the most valuable company in the world, making billions of dollars from selling their products all over the world. Sure, their CEO was able to walk away from $75 million in dividends relatively unscathed. But these kind of accolades and achievements don´t come without some toil, hard work and the proverbial Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Announced and released in 2006 BiP, (before iPhone) the MacBook Pro line has always been a popular choice for power users and a thing of industrial beauty to be lusted after. 2 years later, Apple revamped the entire line, introducing the now iconic “unibody” style, made entirely from a single block of aluminum. Since then, Apple has revamped the internal components a couple of times a year, but has left the design unchanged.

Despite it being the best looking laptop on the market, some users have taken notice of its Thinner, Slimmer cousin the MacBook Air and are wondering if the MBP couldn´t stand to lose a few pounds.

Thus Apple´s dilemma, and why you should pity them. They´ve given us the most beautiful laptops ever made, and we want more. After all, I´m sure you remember what happened last year when they didn´t announce a brand new look to the iPhone“¦many of Apple´s faithful tried to riot. Twas a perilous time indeed.

Back in April, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, began making predictions that Apple would cut loose the 17-incher MBP from their lineup, saying the computer maker´s focus would shift towards the MacBook Airs, applying the same thin-techniques to their entire lineup. Just weeks later, further reports from 9to5Mac.com said Apple would in fact refresh their MacBook Pro lineup, slimming their cases by removing the optical drive and adding a newer Intel processor. A Retina display was rumored to be thrown in for good measure.

Now, new photos of the supposed new logic board for these new laptops emerged yesterday, just one day away from Apple´s big Keynote presentation to kick off WWDC which serve to dash all hopes of a newer, sparklier pro laptop.

According to M.I.C Gadget, these new Logic Boards show off a new NVIDIA GT 650M Chipset, but may not be part of a new, slimmer body style.

In looking at the screw placement of these supposed new logic boards, everything is in its right place. Those who posted these leaked pictures lined up the new logic board with the current one and found the new logic board could potentially be screwed into the existing model, suggesting a design refresh may not be on the way. The poster does, however, mention these new MBPs will get a processor boost to the tune of 2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 2.7GHz from Intel´s Ivy Bridge.

This news hasn´t removed all hope from the dreaming, however. Some news sites – particularly 9to5Mac.com – still hold that Apple could release 2 versions of the MacBook Pros: A line featuring the current design and a line featuring Retina displays and a MacBook Air-type frame.

As you may expect, there are fewer advanced details about the Retina´d Air style MBPs, which doesn´t necessarily mean they don´t yet exist“¦but more than likely they don´t.

Stay tuned today as WWDC kicks off at 10 am Pacific with their big Keynote dog and pony show. If there aren´t any new MacBook Pros released with a new figure, there could be mass chaos. Get your emergency preparations ready.