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Class.com Expands Online Course Offerings for High School Students

June 11, 2012

DALLAS, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Class.com, one of the nation’s leading providers of research-based online learning solutions, announced today that it has expanded its online course offerings for high school students through a new collaboration with eDynamic Learning. The company’s offering now includes a full suite of core content courses, as well as an exciting and diverse collection of electives. In addition, the course offerings will be available for credit through Lincoln National Academy, a fully accredited virtual high school of Voyager Learning.

Class.com partners with schools to help them establish and maintain their own distance learning programs. This partnership helps schools offer best-of-class distance and blended learning options while retaining their own students and ensuring the realization of the school’s mission,” says Andrew Morrison, president of Class.com and Lincoln National Academy.

These new courses include titles such as:

  • Archeology: Detectives of the Past
  • Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind
  • Digital Photography
  • Forensic Science
  • Gothic Literature: Monster Stories
  • Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation
  • International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century
  • Law & Order: Introduction to Legal Studies
  • Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening
  • Mythology & Folklore: Legendary Tales
  • Personal Psychology I
  • Philosophy: The Big Picture
  • Real World Parenting
  • Social Problems I
  • Sociology
  • Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals
  • World Religions: Exploring Diversity

“We are excited that a growing number of students will have access to our unique library of elective and career courses,” said Kevin Viau, president and chief executive officer of eDynamic Learning. “Class.com students will be able to enroll in a wide variety of course options which will result in a more individualized online learning program.”

About Class.com
Class.com (www.class.com) is an industry-leading provider of online learning solutions that partners with middle and high schools to build, expand, and support their distance learning programs. Designed to meet a school’s diverse needs, Class.com programs engage students with innovative, research-based, and media-rich courseware to improve student success. Class.com offers a broad collection of NCAA-approved core courses as well as elective courses that are perfect for alternative education, credit recovery, dropout prevention, and accelerated learning. Class.com can also provide instructional support with state-certified teachers teaching in their endorsed subject areas.

About Voyager Learning
Dedicated to the success of every student, Voyager Learning (www.voyagerlearning.com) is the nation’s most comprehensive provider of research-based intervention and online learning solutions–including curriculum products, personalized professional development, and school improvement/turnaround services. With the ultimate goal of advancing student achievement, Voyager Learning partners with preK-12 schools to build teaching and leadership capacity, expand their reach, and accelerate struggling students to grade-level proficiency. Voyager Learning is a member of Cambium Learning® Group (Nasdaq: ABCD).

About eDynamic Learning
Calgary-based eDynamic Learning (www.edynamiclearning.com) publishes online electives that provide an exciting and academically meaningful online student learning experience. Our unique and contemporary accredited courses feature next generation instructional design, professional audio narrations, and engaging interactive activities. Schools across the country have discovered how eDynamic Learning can successfully address the educational needs of today’s diverse and growing online student population.

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