eReader App Subtext Pivots To Education
June 14, 2012

eReader App Subtext Pivots To Education

Derek Walter for

When Subtext launched last year on the iPad, it sought to redefine social reading. Its slick eReader app made it easy to share comments and reading lists with other friends.

Recently Subtext has repositioned itself to focus on education, promising a solution for teachers who want to create collaboration around digital books. Teachers can post and answer questions, link to Web content and create assignments and quizzes inside of the app.

The book selection available directly inside of Subtext is minimal - though the ones for sale include some author videos and other special features. The fastest way to get books inside Subtext is through Google Books. Just visit Google Play Books, buy something that you want to read, and by linking your Google account with Subtext it will then appear on your shelf.

The purchasing limitation is to comply with Apple´s policies: third-party reading apps are not allowed to link to their store outside of their own application; an in-app store means sharing 30 percent of the revenue with Apple.

Subtext has a separate teacher hub inside of the app to help streamline some of the education-focused features. However, Subtext co-founder Rachel Thomas said that everyday users would benefit from the tight integration of the closed circles.

In order to encourage its use in the classroom, Subtext is currently sponsoring a contest. The user who has the best idea for how to make the use of the app in their class will win ten iPads.

For those who don´t win the contest it may be a challenge getting an entire class focused on the same book. However, a combination of an iPad and Subtext may be what current students need to hook their interest.