On A Shelf Of PC Clones, Vizio Is Standing Out With Innovative Designs
June 15, 2012

On A Shelf Of PC Clones, Vizio Is Standing Out With Innovative Designs

John Neumann for redOrbit.com

Is a PC-maker finally understanding that consumers are clamoring for more than ugly boxes with their computers?

In a presentation with tech partners Intel and Microsoft, along with retailer Walmart, Vizio CEO and founder William Wang and CTO Matt McRae discussed the current crop of PC's available in the market and highlighted their lack of innovative design.

Vizio seeks to remedy that with a line of new, sleek form factors that eliminates, or lessens, the amount of bloatware included from the manufacturers and retailers, all with attractive price points, writes Laarni Almendrala Ragaza for PCMag.

Vizio CTO Matt McRae introduced the new systems by saying that current PCs are mundane and not built with the consumer in mind. The 24-inch CA24 and 27-inch CA27 all-in-one desktops bring to mind the aesthetics of Apple´s iMac, well, one from a decade ago anyway.

The components are held in the base and are connected to a sleek display by a single chrome hinge. Vizio has drawn heavily from its TV-making experience, with HDMI inputs for the display, a remote control, and Blu-Ray options, writes CNET´s Dan Ackerman.

Vizio´s CT14 and CT15 ultrabooks and CN15 laptop share the same minimalist design as the Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, with a thin profile and light weight.

Obviously the aesthetics may be inspired by Apple, but the product naming is still fully PC-like, but it´s a start.

The entire lineup consists of high-end components with slick designs, including unibody construction, hidden hinges, and full HD displays. The designs trend towards aesthetic minimalism in laptops and all-in-one desktops.

Vizio CTO McRae is determined to set Vizio apart from the likes of Dell and HP, which  all fight each other for a piece of the Windows computer market. And one of the ways it plans to do that is through clean installs of Windows.

All of the new Vizio PCs will have Microsoft´s Signature edition of Windows 7, which means it won´t be preloaded with any ads or third-party software when you get it out of the box. “The software image is fully optimized and contains no bloatware that can ruin the customer experience and reduces overall system performance,” McRae stressed.

Although other PC makers offer the Signature experience, they only offer them on limited models and at limited locations, writes Joanna Stern for ABC News. Vizio´s new computers will be available at Walmart, Sam´s Club, Costco, Target, Amazon and Microsoft´s own stores without the bloatware that is cited as a primary turn off for many PC buyers.

Last year, Vizio jumped into the hot mobile market with its own $299 Android tablet. The product however was hampered by a number of issues, including outdated software and slow performance. However, Vizio is determined to not be another clone maker languishing on the shelf, even if it is new to the market.

“If you rewind eight to ten years ago, the TV market looked similar to the PC space today,” McRae said. “It was a mature market with lots of companies. We did pretty well. We are now the number one TV company in the United States. We´ve done this before. “

The whole line of Vizio PCs will be available in the coming weeks.