Apple, Samsung Claim More Than Half Of Global Smartphone Market
June 16, 2012

Apple, Samsung Claim More Than Half Of Global Smartphone Market

An estimated 90% of the profits earned from the worldwide smartphone market belong to just two companies, according to a new report published Friday by ABI Research.

Apple and Samsung were responsible for more than 9/10 of the profits earned during the first quarter of 2012, the research firm estimated, according to Engadget's Jon Fingas. One major reason for that, as also revealed by ABI Research, is that the iPhone and Galaxy series manufacturers hold a combined 55% of the total global smartphone marketshare.

"According to ABI, Samsung is the number one smartphone maker in the world, with 43 million units shipped in Q1 2012. Apple isn't far behind with its 35 million units, but the next closest manufacturer is Nokia, with its relatively paltry 11.9 million smartphone shipments," reports Dan Seifert for Mobile Burn.

"Nokia's shipments declined 40 percent from Q4 2011 to Q1 2012, while Samsung and Sony were the only manufacturers to see an increase over that same period," he added. "It should be noted that when comparing sequential quarterly shipments, seasonality has a huge factor in how well a company will perform, and the fourth quarter is always has big sales numbers because of the gift-giving holidays observed in Western countries."

"At this point in the year, Nokia will have to grow its Windows Phone business 5000% in 2012 just to offset its declines in Symbian shipments," Michael Morgan, senior analyst, devices, applications & content, with ABI Research, said in a statement.

The research firm also revealed that smartphone penetration is nearing or passing the 50% mark in North America, Western Europe, and other major markets, AFP reported on Friday. As a result, a large amount of the growth in the industry will occur in emerging markets such as China, where strong shipment growth continues to occur.