E-Cigarette Producer PrimeVapor Moves to New Manufacturing Facility

June 17, 2012

New production process allows for lower prices on all electronic cigarette flavors

Pleasant Prairie, WI (PRWEB) June 17, 2012

PrimeVapor, a leading producer of electronic cigarettes, has started production at a new processing facility. All their exclusive flavors are now processed using the pharmaceutical industry´s Good Manufacturing Practice under laboratory conditions. PrimeVapor uses US origin ingredients to make a wide variety of flavors featuring all natural vegetable glycerin instead of propylene glycol.

“We have finally made the transition to our new facility,” said Jon Skovronski, Production Manager of PrimeVapor. “We have been pleasantly surprised at how much more efficient this system is. Production costs have been reduced significantly.”

PrimeVapor has decided to pass these savings on to their vapor cigarette customers by offering their KR808D-1 Flavor Cartridges in a five pack for only $11.95. PrimeVapor E-Cigarette customers get a great value and the world´s best flavors exclusively made in the USA.

Electronic cigarettes are an exciting new technology that offers cigarette smokers an alternative that is free of tars and other byproducts while offering the complete experience of smoking. A battery that looks like a cigarette and a disposable cartridge vaporize a specially formulated liquid producing a vapor that looks, feels and tastes like cigarette smoke. Users can switch these smokeless e-cigarettes immediately without any discomfort. First time buyers can get discounts on electronic cigarette starter kits that will give them everything they need to begin using a vapor cigarette immediately.

See their entire line of electronic cigarette flavors at http://www.primevapor.com/flavors.

About Primevapor.com:

Primevapor is a manufacturer and distributor of quality electronic cigarette supplies and equipment. They have developed an e-cigarette system that offers a smoker who wants an alternative to traditional tobacco the ultimate smoking experience without the smoke, smell and tar. You can buy e-cigarettes right on the site.

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Primevapor can found on the Internet at http://www.primevapor.com

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