iOS And Android Tied Among Tablet Users
June 19, 2012

iOS And Android Tied Among Tablet Users

Some 94% of U.S. tablet owners use their device to access content and information, with 67% percent using the tablets to access the Internet and 66% to check email, according to a new study released Monday by the Online Publisher´s Association (OPA).

Other activities reported by the survey´s respondents include watching video (54%), getting weather information (49%), accessing national news (37%) and viewing entertainment content (36%).

The report also found that 31 percent of U.S. web surfers, or 74 million people, now use a tablet, compared with just 12 percent, or 28 million people, last year. That figure is expected to reach 47%, or 117 million tablet users, by next year, the OPA said.

The highest penetration of tablet use is currently in the $50,000-and-up income categories, the survey revealed.

“The growing base of tablet users is also showing a healthy appetite for paid content with 61% having purchased tablet content in the past year,” said Pam Horan, President of the OPA.

“Considering tablets have only been available for a little over two years, the findings of this study truly underscore the possibilities for publishers to grow their business as consumers are willing to open their wallets in order to have original content at their fingertips.”

“The survey also showcased great opportunities for advertisers as 38% of tablet users have made a purchase after having seen tablet advertising. We also found that tablet users purchased an average of $359 in products from the device in the past year,” said Horan.

“In addition to strong purchasing trends, 29% of tablet users also indicated that tablet advertising drives them to research products and 23% have clicked on an advertisement.”

Another interesting theme revealed in that study is that while Apple´s iPad has captured significant mindshare in the tablet market, its iOS operating system is essentially tied with Google´s Android when it comes to actual usage.

Indeed, iPad ownership surpassed that of Android tablets in 2011 – 72 percent to 32 percent. But this year those figures have evened out, at 52 percent vs. 51 percent, with most of Android´s boost coming from the Kindle Fire, which is by far the most popular “Android” tablet, accounting for 28 percent of all Android tablet sales.

That is more than double the No. 2 Android player, Samsung, with its many versions of the Galaxy Tab. The figures showed that nearly as many people own a Kindle Fire as own the most popular iPad, the iPad 2, and the newest iPad.

Other key findings from the report include:

- Tablets have become a vital part of users´ lives, with 74% using the device daily and 60% using it several times a day.

- Tablet users spend an average of 13.9 hours per week with their devices.

- 92% of video watched on tablets is short form news and entertainment, with 64% of tablet users viewing user-generated content such as YouTube.

- Paid apps accounted for 23% of all tablet apps downloaded in the past year.

- The market for tablet applications has doubled from $1.4 billion in 2011 to an estimated $2.6B in 2012.

“The survey also found that tablet users are increasingly becoming cross-platform consumers, with 32% of tablet users simultaneously using two screens for 3.1 hours per day and 29% simultaneously using three screens for 2.8 hours per day,” Horan said.

“The two and three screen audiences are also more likely to purchase a product after seeing tablet advertising, then the general tablet population, providing an incredible opportunity for cross-platform advertising campaigns.”