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Escape Communications Announces Sub-7 Microsecond Low-Latency, Zero-Jitter, Fully Regenerative Digital Modem Indoor Unit (IDU) for Microwave Networks

June 19, 2012

TORRANCE, Calif., June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Escape Communications, Inc., a leading provider of cost-optimized microwave radio Indoor Units (IDUs), today announced the availability of their EXM-2LL+ platform processing latency contribution of less than 7 microseconds per link for all Ethernet packet sizes.

The EXM-2LL+ targets the time-critical applications of high frequency trading and specialized scientific networks. With sub-7 microsecond end-to-end latency, the EXM-2LL+ is the market leader in the ultra-low-latency Point-to-Point Microwave radio market. The EXM-2LL+ provides a dedicated 100 Mbps Ethernet port for low-latency traffic. The EXM-2LL+ optimizes the Ethernet processing to achieve sub-7 microsecond end-to-end processing latency that is independent of packet size.

Microwave propagation is 30% faster per mile than fiber and usually can take a more direct path than the fiber due to trenching and right-of-way issues. For example, on a 20-mile link, the microwave propagation beats fiber by 50 microseconds. At 1,400 miles, microwave propagation is 3.5 milliseconds faster than fiber. Accounting for the processing propagation of 7 microseconds for 70 links implies that a microwave solution beats fiber by approximately 3 milliseconds for the same distance.

The EXM-2LL+ builds on the proven EXM-2L platform, a highly flexible IDU that can be paired with a customer-unique or off-the-shelf outdoor unit (ODU) to provide a point-to-point (PTP) microwave connection and includes several key features:

  • Fully regenerative digital modem (not a repeater)
  • Latency contribution of under 7 microseconds from start of packet entering the near-side IDU to start of packet exiting the far-side IDU
  • Latency is independent of Ethernet packet size
  • Native Ethernet transmission with no Layer-2 frame buffering
  • User-selectable over-the-air management of the entire end-to-end link via HTTP over an independent dedicated Ethernet port that does not impact the low-latency traffic performance

The EXM-2LL+ will be offered as a firmware upgrade to existing EXM-2LL customers.

“The EXM-2LL+ is now the clear market leader in the microwave low-latency market. Microwave links have lower latency and lower cost than competing fiber networks,” said co-founder and CEO Michael Stewart. “By partnering with Escape for a low-latency solution, OEMs can capitalize on the rapidly growing market for time-critical applications.”

Escape Communications will be exhibiting at The Trading Show 2012 in Chicago Navy Pier on June 25-27, 2012.

About Escape Communications

Founded in 1998, Escape Communications provides indoor units (IDUs), high-speed modem modules, and SATCOM terminals to commercial telecommunications equipment OEMs and major space and defense contractors. Escape has developed an extensive portfolio of communications, signal processing, mixed-signal and embedded processor IP, which serve as the foundation for standard product solutions and custom turnkey design services that are both cost-effective and schedule-efficient. For more details, visit http://www.escapecom.com or e-mail idu-sales@escapecom.com.

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