Sharp Introduces 90-Inch Television Set That Truly Impresses
June 19, 2012

Sharp Introduces 90-Inch Television Set That Truly Impresses

John Neumann for

Just when you thought you had settled down with the largest, clearest television set you would ever need, an even larger and clearer model is making its way to a living room near you.

Along with a series of 60-inch, 70-inch, and 80-inch sets announced earlier in the year, television maker Sharp is unveiling a new 90-inch model, the Aquos LC-90LE745U, at an event in New York City today. The name is a handful and doesn´t roll off the tongue but it should satisfy the videophiles among us.

The world of LED TVs has been the one segment of the competitive TV market that has actually proven to be reliable and truly a new standard for the industry. Organic LED (OLED), is still way too cost prohibitive at this point. Other attempts to roll out new TV standards like 3D and internet connectivity have fallen flat, but the LED push is one that no one has argued with.

The LC-90LE745U includes built-in wifi and numerous internet-connected apps for users such as CinemaNow, Facebook, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Twitter, Vudu and YouTube. The interface offers immediate access to online and streaming content and sports Active 3D technology, along with Sharp´s proprietary AquoMotion 240 technology and Full Array LED, writes Mark Raby for SlashGear.

The included wifi connectivity includes a service called ”Aquos Advantage Live” that allows a trained technician to connect to the television remotely and accurately calibrate color levels. This could be particularly helpful when another family member screws up the settings when fooling around in the television menu, writes Mike Flacey for Digital Trends.

“This 90-in class model with brushed aluminum black bezel features our 1080p 3D full array LED panel, delivering one of the most natural, vibrant pictures available,” Sharp boasts.

This set is about 5 inches deep and has a 1-inch-thick aluminum bezel and weighs 141 pounds, professional installation is highly recommended. Despite its size and its 500-LED backlighting array, Sharp is touting the set as very energy-efficient, claiming that it will add only $28 to your energy bill over the course of a year.

The LC-90LE745U dwarfs most previous screens you may be used to seeing. Seen from a couch about 7 feet away, I wasn´t able to see the lines of resolution, writes Tim Moynihan for PCWorld. From that distance, watching movies on the TV felt a lot like sitting in the tenth row of a movie theater.

More immersive than your normal TV-viewing experience, the picture looks brighter and sharper than your average cinema screen.

The set may well be the last television you ever buy, the $10,999 price tag may well keep you from ever buying another television ever again. The 90-in. behemoth is available now on the shelves of higher-end electronic retailers, according to Sharp.