Freedomfflow LLC Offers Free Power Consumption Analysis to Businesses In Time For Summer

June 19, 2012

Businesses wanting to save on electricity this summer, can receive a free Power Consumption Analysis through Freedomfflow LLC. Some of the peak power consumption for businesses happens during June, July and August, but with Freedomfflow LLC´s program, businesses could see a guaranteed net savings of 8% with no capital outlay.

(PRWEB) June 19, 2012

Freedomfflow LLC is announcing its “Savings for Summer” promotion, offering a free power consumption analysis to every business with monthly electric bills exceeding $1,500 per month. Their program is a guaranteed energy savings plan with no ‘catch.´

Participating businesses will receive a written guarantee from the product manufacturer that they will save on electricity bills by at least 8% net electricity savings with no capital outlay. The savings are typically much higher, especially for businesses with coolers, air conditioning compressors, and other machinery that turns on and off frequently.

Every business owner would like to pay less for electricity. The energy savings device that creates these savings for a business is installed with no cost to the business, and the guaranteed gross savings will exceed the monthly rental cost for the device, resulting in a net positive cash flow situation immediately for a business. The installation and equipment is guaranteed by the product manufacturer, and they also provide and back the written guaranteed minimum 8% net savings.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, as much as 25% of electricity is unusable and thus wasted. This device stores and flattens the constant spikes typically created by inductive loads, and makes more of the electricity usable. This has several benefits, including the reduction of electricity usage, increasing the power factor, and prolonging equipment life. The power factor directly effects costs. It is essentially a measure of efficiency, and the higher the power factor, the easier it is for the power company to deliver electricity to a facility.

Electric rates have soared over the last several years. According to USA TODAY’s analysis of government data through last year, electricity rates have increased by more than the rate of inflation for five consecutive years. That is the largest sustained increase since a similar run-up in electricity prices during the 1970′s.

Ed Hebert, of Freedomfflow LLC explains, “The drumbeat of alarming economic indicators and continued government policies effectively limiting energy production from fossil fuels is creating a significant run-up in energy costs. The opportunity for businesses to make the simple decision to save on electricity with no risk and with no net expense is what has us so excited here. We facilitate the free analysis and proposal, and the installation is free to the business.”

“All we need are three winter, and three summer electric bills from the business to present them with the analysis. It’s that simple. Once we get the analysis in their hands, that’s it. There is nothing for them to say but ‘Yes’”, says Mr. Hebert.

Freedomfflow LLC is a private company focused on business and home energy solutions as well as marketing other essential home services. For more information please call (650) 241-8594

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