Two-Thirds Of World Still Not Connected To Internet
June 20, 2012

Two-Thirds Of World Still Not Connected To Internet

Eric Schmidt, Google´s Executive Chairman, this week spoke about the haves and the have-nots during a speech at an annual Israeli conference sponsored by President Shimon Peres, writes Dara Kerr for CNET. Schmidt focused on the fact that most people on Earth aren´t benefiting from technology´s enormous advances over the past few years.

“The world wide web has yet to live up to its name,” he said. “Technology does not produce miracles, but connectivity, even in modest amounts, changes lives.” Schmidt continued by saying that Google grew into a massive company, “with its goal of making information accessible to the masses.”

He referenced data highlighting that less than one third of the world´s population has internet access and only 1 billion have smartphones. With an ever-increasing evolution and expansion of smartphones and mobile technology, Schmidt said that it´s becoming easier to get more people on the web.

“All of us are blessed with a capacity for innovation–connectivity will help unlock that potential,” he said. He pointed to the Internet´s ever-widening reach and its educational potential, citing the Khan Academy´s 3,000 video lessons on YouTube.

The Khan Academy, which receives funding from Google, is a nonprofit organization that offers free online lectures in subjects ranging from physics to American history and algebra, writes Blake Sobczak for AP.

During his visit, the search engine CEO met with Peres and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and presented the two with digital photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls in commemoration of a Google project that has preserved portions of the ancient collection online.

Netanyahu´s office said the two men also discussed cooperation in medicine, science and defense against cyber-attacks. Israel is a high-tech powerhouse and hosts research operations for many of the world´s top technology companies, including Google.