MightyText Takes Page From Apple iMessage
June 21, 2012

MightyText Takes Page From Apple iMessage

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com

Another company has taken yet one more page from the apparent Apple book of technology by creating "MightyText."

The new app is specifically designed for Android smartphone users, and is the Apple iMessage app for Android.  However, the developers do have an app iPhone users can download on their iOS devices as well.

The developers of the app worked at Google in both senior technical and product management roles before pumping out MightyText.

The app developers said their goal was to create a piece of Android software that was similar to Apple iMessage, allowing several different devices to send messages to one another.

The app launched under the beta name Texty before being renamed MightyText earlier this month. It was available as a Chrome extension originally, landing 250,000 users and sending more than 2 million messages a day out.

The developers used the success of their Chrome extension to raise $650,000 in funding to create MightyText.

The app basically allows Android users to send and receive SMS text messages, as well as MMS messages, from just about any device.

It also syncs with the users existing Android number, rather than requiring you to get a new phone number, which is another mimic of Apple's iMessage.

The app organizes all texts, picture messages, and phone calls, allowing them to be searched easier and stored securely on to a cloud network.

Also like iMessage, MightyText doesn't have any costs of SMS messaging, enabling users to send free text messages to each other.

Users must install the app onto their smartphone to use it, or install the extension onto their Chrome browser.