Vantage LED’s LightSpeed and LightForce LED Sign Software: Raising the Standard

June 21, 2012

The software that powers a LED sign is often overlooked, or not discussed at all. LED sign software should be clean, organized, hassle free, and just as powerful as the LED sign itself. Vantage LED offers some hints to protect against sub-par software.

Corona, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

An outdoor LED Sign is a significant purchase for most businesses and they want to get the most for their money. All too often manufacturers focus on hardware development, but then use poorly coded or bloated software that has been pieced together as an afterthought. LED Signs are one of the most powerful and dynamic advertising tools available today, so the software should be just as powerful but still easy to use. Only a handful of manufacturers have been able to balance this well.

One of these is Vantage LED, a leading U.S. based LED Sign manufacturer in Corona, CA. Their LightSpeed Media Software and LightForce Billboard Software have proven to be the leaders in the software market, drawing a successful balance between form and function and providing a very much needed standard for comparison. They offer some hints on how to make sure the money is well spent when comparing LightSpeed and LightForce to other software in the industry.

Request a Software Demo

This is one of the most important things organizations can do to protect against sub-par software. This could be training videos online, or an actual software demo installed on a computer. If a company is proud of their software, they should have no problem showing it. Buying a sign without reviewing the software is like buying a car without driving it.

General Features

The following items are very important to look for:

— USA Powered: The software should be entirely developed, coded, and supported in the USA.

— Documentation: This should be readily available and written in clear English, not a translation.    

— Help and Tutorials: An embedded help menu, and software tutorials save valuable time while creating content.You can never have too much support.

— Proof of Performance: Billboard software should provide exportable “proof of performance” reporting. This is a requirement for most advertising contracts, and should not be overlooked.

Scheduling Features

A LED sign without scheduling is only half a sign. It must have the ability to schedule specific messages on certain days, hours, or months of the year.

    – Simple Interface: Look for a simple and clear interface showing all the messages specific schedules immediately, without having to open each message separately. Time is valuable.

    – Drag and Drop: The ability to Drag and Drop files directly is an often overlooked, but very important feature. This is a huge time saver when working with large schedules or ad campaigns.

    – Speed: It should only take seconds to adjust a message schedule and return to the main screen.

    – Preview Schedule: The ability to preview an entire schedule prior to transmitting to the sign is a must have. Viewers should see only the best content at all times.

    – Schedule Length: The software should have the ability to schedule as far out as you want, whether it’s 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years in advance. Do not settle for any limitations.

Content Creation

Having effective content creation built into the software puts the organization in full control of its sign. While integrated creation is less important for billboard software, it is absolutely critical for business owners, churches, schools, and other organizations who make up 90% of LED sign users.

    – Easy Process: It should be very clear cut and simple, but still robust and powerful. It should never require an IT person to operate. Countless hours are wasted when the software is poorly organized.

    – See What You Get: The content editor should provide a canvas that represents the sign itself. What is seen in the software should be exactly what is seen on the sign, no guesswork required.

    – Layers: It should allow the user to overlay text, video, and images all into one message, creating truly dynamic content that demands attention from the audience. The layers should be fully adjustable and easy to work with.

    – Text Effects: A variety of text effects should be available to help garner the initial “look” from the audience. The speed should be adjustable and easy to change.

    – TrueType Fonts: Support for all standard Windows and TrueType fonts makes the text crisp, clear, and readable. Avoid software that doesn´t support this or the sign can look blurry and illegible.

    – International Language Support: This gives an organization the power to bring its message to a worldwide audience, both in the USA and abroad. It is crucial to have this option available when it is needed.

    – Preview Messages: A message preview feature is important while editing, allowing a quick view of how the message will play on the sign without exiting the content editor.

    – Time-Date-Temperature: Adding time/date/temperature to messages should be quick and easy. Avoid any software that required text based “commands” to put these in a message.

File Support

Sending pre-created files is crucial when organizations have existing media or logos, or have an existing art department that is comfortable working with third party software:

    – Media Standards: Some software is limited on the types of pre-created files you can use. The software should accept media standards like: Adobe Flash (SWF), AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, JPG, BMP, GIF.

    – Adding Files:This should be quick and easy; time is valuable. Avoid any software that complicates this process.

The software that powers a LED sign is often overlooked, or not discussed at all during the sales process. This has caused many end users to waste valuable time fixing and navigating the software; time better spent promoting the organization or serving customers. Vantage LED values this time, and has built LightSpeed and LightForce from the ground up by working with end-user feedback to provide the best software in the market. Never let anyone say that the software isn´t important, or that it´s all basically the same. LED sign software should be clean, organized, hassle free, and just as powerful as the LED sign itself. Great organizations don´t cut corners, manufacturers are no exception.

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