Start Saving Your Pennies, The Next iPhone Might Have A 19-inch Connector
June 22, 2012

Start Saving Your Pennies, The Next iPhone Might Have A 19-pin Connector

Michael Harper for

With WWDC over and done with (not to mention a new MacBook Pro and Operating System to save up for) we can now safely turn our attention back to the joy ride that is iPhone rumors. We didn´t get any real indication as to what the new iPhone will look like during this year´s Keynote, though we did get a pretty good confirmation on a fall release date.

So let´s take some time to catch up:

As it stands, most are still claiming the next iPhone: will have a 4-inch screen (or 3.999 to those picky readers); boast a slimmer frame; and have its screen built right into the back of the casing, much like the screen on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Of course, there´s the matter of those pieces which have been leaked online, including a video of the pieces being handled and fondled. These pieces not only jibe with many common rumors, (thinner frame, 4-inch screen) they also suggest Apple could do some interesting things with their ports.

For instance, since the very first iPhone was introduced, the headphone jack has always been located on the top. Not anymore, according to these alleged pieces. This jack could be moved to the bottom of the phone, preventing the phone from looking as if it has wires coming from every end of it when fully plugged in.

If these pieces have any shred of accuracy, the new iPhone could also feature another first: A smaller, slimmer dock connector.

Now, TechCrunch has gone out of their way to confirm these rumors. Saying they have “independently verified” Apple is working on a new port, TechCrunch is reporting the next connector will replace the old 30-pin with the new, hot 19-pin.

With nearly 10 years´ worth of 30-pin accessories and cords out there in the market, such a switch could send shockwaves through the third-party ecosystem. Sure, companies stand to make some money on new accessories and hardware, but customers will likely whine and moan about having to buy a new cord or dock.

According to TechCrunch´s reporting, the new 19-pin will resemble a Thunderbolt port, Apple´s newest I/O option available on many of the newer Macs. Though it may resemble Thunderbolt, TechCrunch´s sources say the pin-outs will be different.

Commenting on the TechCrunch report, Robert Scoble said he has learned these new ports will also feature a magnetic connector, much like the MagSafe connectors seen on Mac portables. Going further, Scoble also said these new connectors could also feature a chip to verify the licensing of accessories, making sure only appropriate devices are talking to the phone.

TechCrunch also references drawings from Mobile Fun which largely resemble the leaked images and video we´ve already seen.

Mobile Fun confirms these changes, saying:

- The phone is much bigger, measuring 58.47 mm wide, 123.83 mm high and 7.6 mm thin.

- The screen is 4-inches and the earphone jack has been relocated to the bottom of the phone.

- The dock connector is much smaller, similar in size to micro USB.

To my count, this is the third time we´ve seen credible reports revolved around the same form factor for the next iPhone.

I can´t help but ask“¦what happened to doubling-down on secrecy?