Tumblr Finally Pays Attention To Their iOS App
June 22, 2012

Tumblr Finally Pays Attention To Their iOS App

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com

Tumblr has been a popular blogging platform for many years, and while it´s been the choice of many who simply want to share quick, brief thoughts or re-share pictures they´ve seen elsewhere on the site, the iOS app for the service has often been seen as a giant sore spot on the otherwise fine platform.

On Thursday, Tumblr released a long-awaited update to their iOS app. And there was much rejoicing.

The new update to the popular blogging app is said to be a completely revamped version for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Built from the ground up, the new Tumblr app includes a brand new dashboard interface, support for high-definition images, offline mode and much more. Now, the new app closely resembles the Android version, which got its special revamp treatment back in April. Tumblr no doubt hopes this update will be enough to satiate hungry Tumblr users on the go, as they´ve yet to announce an iPad app.

According to Venture Beat, Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp announced they would be shining some light on their iOS app last week during an interview at the F.ounders conference in New York. When he made the announcement, Mr. Karp said there wouldn´t be any ads on the updated version of the app. Tumblr is, however, working to implement them soon.

Despite the fact that the Tumblr app was built to blog on-the-go, quickly sharing thoughts, quotes, and images, the app was quite difficult to use. Though functional, many features in the app were a chore to use and rather time consuming.

The new Tumblr App also features Spotify integration, the result of a partnership struck between the two companies in April. Now, users can share what they are listening to in Spotify via the new Tumblr app, much in the same way they can share via the Facebook and Twitter apps. When music from Spotify is shared via the new Tumblr iOS app, users can tap the song to listen to the music in Spotify or download the app altogether.

Tumblr now also features the ability to search for content via hashtags, just as in Twitter.

The new app also places notifications right on the dashboard, making them easier to locate.

In addition to adding more functionality, the new Tumblr app incorporates some new gestures.

For instance, if I wanted to quickly snap and share a picture of the Elvis impersonator sitting across from me at the local coffee shop, I can simply swipe up on the blue compose button, pretend to be snapping a picture of my perspiring cup of iced tea, and then send it out to my followers.

If I wanted to share the lyrics to the new Fiona Apple song I´m currently enjoying, all I need to do is swipe left on the same compose button and, in a flash, my followers are sufficiently updated.

Though an iPad app has yet to make its way to the Apple App store, this new update should be enough to get mobile Tumblr users excited once more.

Maybe they´ll even be excited enough to post something about their feelings. Just be sure to keep an eye out for these posts so you can re-blog them later.