Nintendo Announces New 3DS Handheld
June 23, 2012

Nintendo Announces New 3DS Handheld

Lee Rannals for

Nintendo announced on Friday that it will be launching a jumbo-sized version of its 3DS handheld next month.

The new handheld, called the "3DS XL," will be nearly twice the size of the current model, with a battery that boasts 6.5 hours´ worth of gaming time.

Nintendo also said that the new device will come with a 4 gigabyte SD memory card, which is double the capacity of the current 3DS handheld.

The 3DS XL, which goes on sale in Japan on July 28 for $235, is only slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 tablet. In North America, the device will go on shelves August 19 at a price point of $199.

The power adapter will not be included in the purchase, so users will either have to buy a new power cable separately, or use a 3DS adapter.

The 3DS XL is coming out before Nintendo kicks out its latest edition to the Wii gaming console, the Wii U.

The next-generation Wii will be bringing new motion-controlled gaming experiences to customers before the holiday season this year.

The Wii U will have a tablet-like controller that features a touchscreen, as well as the ability to play games without using a separate TV or monitor.

About 17 million 3DS handhelds were sold since the gaming system was originally launched back in 2011.

Nintendo reported its first annual loss of its Wii console and other gadgets in April, so the company is hoping to kick back up its sales with the launch of the new video game systems.