Google Jelly Bean Slated To Be Next Android OS
June 23, 2012

Google Jelly Bean Slated To Be Next Android OS

Lee Rannals for

Google inadvertently gave its fanboys a sneak peak of "Jelly Bean," its next version of its Android operating system, this week.

Droid Life first reported that the operating system showed up in an unreleased phone available for purchase on Google Wallet.

Jelly Bean will make an appearance in the new Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ phone, which will have a list price of $399, according to Droid Life.

Reports say that Google will change up its strategies for Jelly Bean, allowing multiple manufacturers early access to the operating system.

Little is known about Jelly Bean so far, but it has been rumored that the new OS may be released during the second-quarter this year. More details are expected to come next week at Google's I/O conference in San Francisco.

Droid Life reported that the checkout page featuring the phone is no longer available to be viewed.

Google has not issued a statement about the Jelly Bean leak yet, but it could just be keeping its lips sealed until next week's conference.

Google isn't the only smartphone operating system developer getting ready to pump out a new operating system.  Apple just recently announced its latest iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple's next smartphone and tablet operating system will be bringing in a new application called "Maps," which will offer turn-by-turn navigation for the first time to iPhone users.

Apple is also bringing its Siri personal assistant application to the iPad with the iOS 6 update coming something this year.

IOS 6 will be allowing FaceTime, Apple's video conferencing application for iPhones and iPads, to work over cellular networks. Currently, FaceTime only works over Wi-Fi.

The company has yet to announce the iPhone 5 its planning, but speculations are being made that it will either follow the typical July timeline, or maybe even follow its trend set last year with an October launch.