ELMO USA Introduces Industry’s First, Extremely Compact and Versatile New Wireless MO-1w Visual Presenter

June 23, 2012

Designed to enhance visually engaging instruction and presentation for teachers, professors, attorneys and business people

Plainview, NY (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

Following the introduction of the ultra compact and sleekly designed new visual presenter MO-1, ELMO USA CORP. is excited to announce that its sister model, the MO-1w with VPR-1 is now available for the price of $899.99 (MSRP).

[Handy and visually enhancing supportive presentation device]

With its dimensions of 3.97”x8.89”x1.1” and its weight of only 1.3 lbs, the MO-1w may be compact in size, but the true color reproduction from it´s five Megapixel CMOS sensor creates a powerful and vivid presentation. It captures images of documents and three-dimensional objects and projects them onto a screen through a projector or on a digital TV monitor.

The user-friendly device features HDMI and RGB inputs, USB power capability, 8x digital zoom, 30 fps (full-motion) when used in 720p, a 300Ëš rotatable camera head, a 2 inch minimum shooting distance and an SD card slot for image storage.

[No cable required between the MO-1w and a projector or TV monitor]

Furthermore, no cable connection will be required between the MO-1w and a projector or monitor by implementing for the first time in the industry, a new wireless system WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface), which is different from Wi-Fi. Not only captured images but also computer data can be transmitted wirelessly through the MO-1w´s switching capability. All you have to do is connect the Receiver Module (VPR-1 which is included in the package) to the HDMI input on a projector or monitor.

[No interference with the existing wireless network]

Wireless networks are everywhere. Many schools, universities and office buildings are becoming flooded with Wi-Fi capable devices. However, the MO-1w´s wireless technology is not Wi-Fi but based instead on the latest WHDI technology. The WHDI interface can transmit a full, uncompressed 1080p signal, 30fps, at a rate of up to 3Gb/sec. That´s more than 20 times faster than 802.11n wireless. Since the MO-1w transmits video on a frequency at more than twice the rate of traditional wireless networks, there is no interference. The signal range is approx 33 feet so it covers most classrooms, meeting rooms and courtrooms.

“The WHDI is gaining more popularity in general.” said Matt Takekoshi, President of ELMO

USA. “Our MO-1w will be perfect for new school construction or renewal because it will cut cost for wiring. Even though the projector does not have an HDMI input, there are plenty of products available on the market that will convert the HDMI signal to a usable RGB signal.”

Other mighty features of the MO-1w

[High speed scanning capability. Takes just 2 seconds to scan images]

In addition to visual presentation, the MO-1w can be used as a high speed scanner. Put a document or any object under the MO-1w and press the camera button, which instantly stores images on a SD/SDHC card (SD/SDHC card not included).

[Online Communication Tool]

Online Visual Communication is one of the key features of the MO-1w, allowing the device to be connected to a computer where it can be used as a webcam for online business meetings. Additionally, the device contains a built-in microphone to assist users in communication during webcam meetings.


ELMO USA has been a leader in education technology for more than 90 years. The company´s cutting-edge innovations are shaping the future of visual communications. Foremost among these innovations are teaching tools for dynamic classroom presentations. ELMO´s groundbreaking document cameras and visual presenters benefit students by enabling instructors to incorporate stimulating high-resolution visuals into their lesson plans. These value-priced, full-featured teaching tools offer a level of interactivity and spontaneity that static transparencies or “one-dimensional, pre-planned” laptop and desktop computer lessons simply do not. For more information about ELMO´s educational products, visit http://www.elmousa.com or call 1.800.947.ELMO.

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