Swype Keyboard For Android Gets Major Update
June 25, 2012

Swype Keyboard For Android Gets Major Update

Derek Walter for redOrbit.com

Swype, a popular keyboard for Android that lets users draw a line between letters, just received a major upgrade. The app now has advanced word prediction and a shared dictionary between type and speech among other recent changes.

The newest version of Swype attempts to more accurately predict what words you are going to type. This is especially important for Swype given the way users choose words. Instead of just typing, you can draw a line from one character to another. The application then tries to predict what word you are creating.

However, given how heavily Swype relies on prediction, it is bound to get some words wrong. If you swipe through a given set of letters, it may use them in a different combination to guess another word.

In the newest version, Swype looks more carefully at word frequency data to analyze the words you just typed. For example, if you just typed, “trip” it is unlikely you would be writing it again, even if using letters along a similar path.

For those who want to expand their database, Swype includes a personal dictionary. Users can now sync this up with Dragon Dictation online.

Those who want to live on the edge can get Swype Beta for Android. It also has the newest features, including a “living learning” keyboard that builds its predictions based on the kind of words you use with Swype. Handwriting support is included for those who would rather handwrite the old-fashioned way for sending their text messages.

Swype is available for free through the company´s official site.