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High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab Obtains “CVE-Compatible” Status

June 25, 2012

GENEVA, June 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

High-Tech Bridge [http://www.htbridge.com] is pleased to announce that Security
Advisories by High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab [https://www.htbridge.com/advisory ]
achieved the final stage of MITRE’s formal CVE Compatibility Process and are now
officially “CVE-Compatible [http://cve.mitre.org/compatible/questionnaires/146.html ]“.
CVE is a list of information security vulnerabilities and exposures that aims to provide
common names for publicly known problems. The goal of CVE is to make it easier to share
data across separate vulnerability capabilities (tools, repositories, and services) with
this “common enumeration.” The MITRE Corporation manages and maintains the CVE List with
assistance from the CVE Editorial Board.

High-Tech Bridge’s CEO, Mr. Ilia Kolochenko, commented: “At High-Tech Bridge we
strongly believe that CVE project has a great importance for the security industry. Being
able to coordinate vulnerability research, disclosure and mitigation by CVE identifiers is
a key point to make information security efficient. We are going to contribute as much as
we can to the CVE project and its values”.

“High-Tech Bridge has demonstrated its commitment to providing its customers with a
comprehensive security advise by integrating CVE names into their Security Advisories. As
security threats increase in number, complexity, and frequency today, organizations
require clear and concise direction from security services like High-Tech Bridge’s
Security Advisories to help them proactively prepare for and respond to these problems,”
said Robert Martin, the CVE Compatibility Lead at MITRE. “The use of CVE Identifiers in
their security advisories will help High-Tech Bridge’s customers close the gaps in
coverage that often result from using disparate security sources, thereby helping ensure
more comprehensive protection against new and emerging vulnerabilities and exposures.”

High-Tech Bridge Security Advisories (HTB Security Advisories) are provided on a
non-profit base, in accordance to High-Tech Bridge’s corporate Social Responsibility, with
the aim of helping various software vendors improving their products’ security and

More than 160 different software vendors have released security patches and improved
security of their products thanks to High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab, including HP,
Sony, SugarCRM, OrangeHRM and many others. In Q1 2012 88% of software vendors affected by
HTB Advisories have released security patches. Q2 2012 statistics, which is currently
being prepared for publication, will disclose some interesting facts and details about
various vendors, such as the most reactive vendor of Q2 2012 – Serendipity that has
provided a security patch for SQL injection vulnerability
[https://www.htbridge.com/advisory/HTB23092 ] in 23 minutes after notification about the

About High-Tech Bridge

High-Tech Bridge SA [https://www.htbridge.com] provides multinational companies,
financial institutions and international organizations with edge-cutting information
security solutions and services. In 2012, Frost & Sullivan has recognized High-Tech Bridge
[http://www.frost.com/prod/servlet/press-release.pag?docid=258396442 ] as one of the
market leaders and best service providers in the ethical hacking industry.

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