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HyperActive Technologies® Continues Gold Standard For Order Confirmation System Performance And Reliability With ‘HyperView PE’ Launch

June 25, 2012

PITTSBURGH, June 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — HyperActive Technologies® today announces the launch of its next-generation HyperView® Order Confirmation Display (OCD) – HyperView PE, which is raising the bar once again on the performance and reliability that quick-service restaurant (QSR) operators expect from their OCDs.

Like its HyperView brother, the HyperView PE was designed to improve efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction among operators seeking to purchase the most reliable drive-thru management system that delivers the lowest cost of ownership on the market. A single CAT5 cable supplying Power over Ethernet (PoE), however, is used to run the HyperView PE, eliminating the need to run power to the OCD post.

Video and health monitoring is also transmitted over the same cable. Consequently, the OCD is virtually immune to the influence of heat and electrical problems because the single power supply eliminates ground loops found in traditional 120V and signal cables.

The Ethernet-based solution also enables any computer on the restaurant’s network to control what is displayed on the OCD, even from a remote location. Using PoE enables the OCD to become significantly more reliable and mitigates the need for an electrician – saving operators time and money.

“Even with some of the improvements our competitors might have made to their OCDs, our HyperView products remain the gold standard for performance under the toughest conditions,” said Joe Porfeli, CEO, HyperActive Technologies. “There’s a reason why our company experienced 77 percent growth in the past 20 months and why we had a 68 percent increase in HyperView shipments in the first quarter of this year alone. QSRs trust us and they know they are getting the highest performing, most reliable OCD in the world.”

Porfeli points to HyperActive’s initial 3-year, advance exchange warranty as an example of the trust QSRs have in the HyperView line. “After our initial 3-year warranty has expired, nearly all of our customers don’t extend it, even at a modest price,” he said. “The failure rates of our units are so low (less than 4%) that operators would rather pay for the repair of the few that might break, if ever. With our products, frankly, there’s no need for a longer warranty.”

Porfeli notes competitors have recently launched products that still fall short of the current HyperViews operating on the market today. For example, both HyperView and HyperView PE deliver an industry leading 100,000 MTBF (Mean Time Before Failures). And, the HyperView’s backlight is rated L70 brightness at 75,000 hours, the industry’s highest performance.

HyperActive Technologies offers a lifetime guarantee against moisture and dust penetrating the display’s seal. The HyperView products are NEMA 4 Certified, which makes them impervious to weather and provides the broadest range of operation under rugged conditions – from extreme cold (-40 deg F) to extreme heat (+175 deg F) – versus any other OCD on the market. In fact, during product development, HyperView performed flawlessly after it was submersed in water for 96 hours to test its reliability.

With that in mind and like everything HyperActive Technologies does, it took a proactive approach for the development of the HyperView PE. According to Kerien “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, chief technology officer, HyperActive Technologies, the company’s R&D team wanted to build a unit that didn’t impart any special needs on a QSR’s existing infrastructure (e.g., pedestal, etc.), and could easily replace underperforming units that relied on old technology for which the industry was known. Consequently, the HyperView PE is perfect for both new construction and retrofitting.

The HyperView PE, for example, brings a technology advancement to the QSR market that has eluded many OCD manufacturers: the use of LED lighting. With the use of LED lighting for the display, output is minimized and heat is reduced. This helps increase unit performance and extend its life.

HyperView and HyperView PE both utilize optically bonded, tempered coverglass to provide the best visual quality of any unit on the market. Optically bonded cover glass eliminates the air gap between the cover glass and the LCD, which eliminates the internal reflections from the inside surface of the cover glass and the surface of the LCD. The coverglass is also chemically treated to reduce glare and reflection to further enhance viewing quality during hours of direct sunlight. Usage of the LED backlight provides greater contrast at maximum brightness than those found in alternative backlights such as CCFL. Improved contrast translates to an increased viewing angle – both side-to-side, and up and down.

“With optically bonding coverglass, our OCD delivers the highest clarity in the industry, allowing operators to create powerful images that truly jump off the screen,” said Fitzpatrick.

Other designs commonly require a non-integrated coverglass to protect against water, which result in a gap between the unit and the external coverglass. This degrades the visual quality in bright ambient light situations usually exactly when the operator needs it to perform at an optimal level – such as lunchtime.

“We already have the industry’s lowest failure rate, but we didn’t rest on our success. Instead, we invested our resources in staying ahead of the market to manufacture the best possible OCD with the industry-leading technology and lowest cost of ownership,” said Porfeli. “Our mission is to help QSRs do what they do best – create ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction, drive through-put and profitability,” said Porfeli.

HyperView OCD products have approved vendor status with more than 40 brands, including Taco Bell®, Jack-in-the-Box®, Carl Jr.’s®, Hardee’s®, Subway®, and Arby’s®, among others. And, all of HyperActive Technologies’ clients receive consistent and comprehensive HyperView software enhancements as part of an annual support and maintenance program included as part of the warranty, as well as leasing and special financing.

About HyperActive Technologies

Pittsburgh-based HyperActive Technologies® is the technology leader in providing “intelligent” drive-thru and kitchen solutions for the QSR industry. QTimer®, an innovative drive-thru timer, integrates with POS systems and provides information on performance in real-time. HyperView®, the company’s order confirmation display, is the best value on the market ­- featuring a NEMA 4 rating, virtually glare-free cover glass, and no fans or heaters are required. HyperActive Bob® is a predictive kitchen manager that helps QSRs balance speed and quality for food preparation. Our solutions increase your customers’ satisfaction and your profits. For more information about HyperActive Technologies, please visit www.gohyper.com.

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