Samsung Says They Will Sell 10 Million Galaxy S III Phones By July
June 25, 2012

Samsung Says They Will Sell 10 Million Galaxy S III Phones By July

Michael Harper for

Samsung may very well have a hit on their hands with their new Galaxy S III.

The phone – which has just started to slowly leak onto American shores via online sales – has been so hot, it´s already been called the fastest-selling pre-ordered phone in the UK.

Now, even Samsung is impressed with how well their phone is selling, as their president of mobile communications, Shin Jong-kyun, is saying the company will have sold more than 10 million S IIIs come July. This is all part of the South-Korean companies plan, as they announced in May they expected to sell more than 200 million smartphones and grab a 23 to 24% share of the market this year.

Launching the new phone in South Korea, Shin Juong-kyun also said he expected the record sales of the S III to drive the company to push second-quarter profits over the first quarter.

It has been tough to keep up with demand," said Shin during the meeting.

"We're getting more positive reviews for Galaxy S3 than the previous Galaxy S1 and S2 since the release in Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia beginning May 29.” As for their first quarter profit, Samsung earned themselves a net of nearly $4.43 billion thanks to smartphone sales.

Despite their strong first-quarter net profits, The Wall Street Journal is reporting the companies shares have fallen to their lowest point in more than 4 months.

Shin doesn´t seem too worried, saying, "We're doing fairly well in emerging-economy markets ... I think our second-quarter earnings will be better than the first quarter's, despite the difficult economic situation in Europe.”

The Galaxy S III is already being touted as this summer´s possible “iPhone Killer,” a title which seems to be passed on to a new phone a couple times a year. It´s larger, 4.8-inch screen can be controlled with your eyes, remaining lit as long as you are looking at it. Samsung also announced a new, quad-core chipset which will be used to power the S III, but only in certain countries. The US, for instance, will be left out of the Exynos 4 Quad fun. The new Galaxy S III also features a Siri look-alike and suspiciously titled “S Voice,” which is supposed to bring voice control to the S III. The phone also has a new feature called S Beam, utilizing NFC to allow the transfer of data from one S III to another.

Mr. Shin may not be too far off on his “10 million” claim, as demand for the new smartphone in the US may be what´s slowing its release in the states. According to Business Insider, you won´t find one of these potential Killers in stores today.

Expected to release last Wednesday, Sprint and T-Mobile are saying their pre-order sales will be fulfilled as some phones have already been delivered. AT&T is saying the first S IIIs should arrive today, June 25. As for Verizon, the S III should ship by July 11, though there´s no official launch date as of yet.