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Cast Your Vote For President With A Bite Of Chocolate!

June 26, 2012

LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Choclatique, the award winning artisan chocolate company, announced today the debut of the world’s first and only chocolate political poll. Americans can cast their vote at www.PresidentialPoll2012.com and follow the voting progress of their favorite candidates during the Presidential Election. The poll also tracks which party will control the House of Representatives, Senate and even the Supreme Court. These poll results are ‘easy to swallow’ and practically foolproof, with a “fudge” factor of + 2% as people who eat chocolate “never” lie.

“Our Presidential Poll is a great indication of both political preferences and the overall mood of the nation since the world’s greatest mood elevator is chocolate,” says Joan Vieweger, co-founder, Choclatique. “It’s fun to play politics in a non-threatening, safe environment and it’s a ‘tasteful’ way to predict the election.” Joan is also the lead pollster for this campaign, and has conducted market research for several Fortune 100 food companies.

Choclatique has also unveiled its Capitol Collection today, a new line of truffles, each piece representing either Democrats (blue donkeys) or Republicans (red elephants). Each individual piece of chocolate is a hand-decorated white chocolate truffle filled with soft, creamy, dark chocolate ganache.

These limited edition, authentically American-made chocolates are available now through the November 2012 Election with 15 percent of the proceeds benefiting Operation Homefront (www.operationhomefront.net), a national nonprofit that provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors.

“This is where Democrats and Republicans put aside their differences and unite with chocolaty, bipartisan goodness,” said Ed Engoron, co-founder, Choclatique. “We have created the perfect union in our Capitol Collection established upon principles of peace, freedom, equality, justice, liberty and the love of great chocolate for all.”

This stately collection is available in Donkeys, Elephants or Bipartisan gift boxes, which come in an array of sizes including: 8-pieces ($18.00), 15-pieces ($30.00) and 30-pieces ($55.00). For election viewing party favors, customers can purchase mini gift sets of two pieces (12 sets of two for $50.00). Orders can be placed at www.Choclatique.com. Shipped nationwide Choclatique Chocolate is sealed for ultimate freshness and package in elegant, reusable, leather gift boxes with hand-tied ribbon.

About Choclatique:
Choclatique is a privately owned, super-premium chocolate company founded in 2003 by Ed Engoron and Joan Vieweger. Hand-crafted in their Southern California Chocolate Studios by professional artists and chocolatiers, Choclatique provides over 250 *Authentically American premium chocolate confections, from traditional to whimsical, to secretly savor or share with those you love. Choclatique assortments are available in high-end boutiques, 5-star hotels and clubs and online at www.Choclatique.com.

*Choclatique’s procurement policy is to buy sustainable, American-made and sourced products. All of their confections are made in their Southern California Chocolate Studios. They are proud to support American veterans and their families and the United States economy.

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