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Cloud9 IDE Introduces Powerful New Capabilities For Cloud-Based Development Anytime, Anywhere

June 26, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud9 IDE (http://c9.io), a leading cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), today announced a new suite of developer features available online for the first time. This powerful set of features provides users with a development environment that goes beyond any offline experience, and allows professional developers to fully leverage cloud technology as the basic fabric of their workflow.

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“There are certainly many compelling reasons for moving development to a web-only environment, but there have been some real roadblocks up until now,” said Al Hilwa, program director for IDC’s Application Development Software research. “Cloud9 IDE dials up this technology a few notches with capabilities such as real-time collaboration for remote teams, which will begin to deliver on the inherent value-proposition of development in the cloud.”

Cloud9 IDE’s industry-leading solutions usher in a new era for online development, providing developers with the freedom to build and deploy web and mobile apps online – anywhere, anytime. The key features highlighted in this next generation version of Cloud9 IDE include:

  • Real-Time Collaboration – Enables real-time editing, debugging and chat functionality for distributed teams. This enables those teams to peer review, pair-program or just support each other while building their applications.
  • Offline Support – Ability to access and edit local files for streamlined online/offline synchronization to the cloud.
  • Fast and Customizable User Interface – Allows developers more space to work via the fastest editor available today (offline or online), a powerful search tool, and a “go-to” file widget.
  • Your Workspace in the Cloud – Provides developers the ability to edit and run code with the freedom of the desktop; supports full shell access and the ability to run any language such as PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js (premium feature).
  • Intelligent Auto Completion and Integrated Docs - Enables code suggestions with knowledge from the JavaScript language and Node.js APIs; embedded documentation helps developers better understand how the APIs work.

“It’s always been the Cloud9 IDE vision to deliver the complete desktop experience to developers working in the cloud, and today’s release marks a leap forward for the industry,” said Ruben Daniels, CEO and co-founder of Cloud9 IDE. “Now, web and mobile app development can fully be taken online for a truly untethered approach to build, test, debug and deploy code. These solutions will really empower development teams, and we look forward to seeing the innovative products that will emerge as a direct result.”

Cloud9 IDE supports open source development by offering its service for free, in addition to premium pricing for professional development and a highly discounted student rate. Please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCNa5t6rHuc for a live demonstration of the latest Cloud9 IDE features or visit http://c9.io/codetogether for more information.

About Cloud9 IDE
Cloud9 IDE is a leading cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables web and mobile developers to work together and collaborate in remote teams anywhere, anytime. Cloud9 IDE is an online development platform for JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Python applications, which offers syntax highlighting support for HTML, CSS, and 37 additional programming languages. Cloud9 IDE is open source, enabling developers to freely customize their environment according to their preference.

Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco and Amsterdam, Cloud9 IDE is a privately held company backed by Accel Partners and Atlassian. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or learn more at http://c9.io.

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