Leaked Details Of RIM’s Qwerty, Touch-screen Blackberry 10
June 26, 2012

Leaked Details Of RIM’s Qwerty, Touch-screen Blackberry 10

Leaked images showing what appears to be specifications of Research in Motion´s Blackberry 10 reveal a new all-touch smartphone with a higher resolution screen than the "retina display" on the iPhone 4S, the website N4BB.com reported on Monday.

“Details regarding the BlackBerry 10 operating have been mildly out in the open. However, little has been known regarding the first BlackBerry 10 all-touch smartphone and the eventual physical keyboard iteration, until now,” the BlackBerry news said.

The leaked specifications include details of both the Blackberry 10 L-series, which is an all-touch screen device, and the N-series, which comes with a traditional physical QWERTY keyboard.

The L-series (previously known as the London) has a screen resolution of 768 x 1280, a pixel density of 356-pixels-per-inch (ppi) and a 55 mm wide screen, while the N-series has 720 x 720 resolution with a pixel density of 330-ppi and a 52 - 53 mm wide screen, according to an internal document displaying images of the phones' layouts.

The L-Series is likely to launch by the end of 2012, while the first N-series devices are expected to be available the first quarter of 2013.