One More Reason To Love A Mac...You Get Better Rooms
June 26, 2012

One More Reason To Love A Mac…You Get Better Rooms

Michael Harper for

There's a reason Apple makes so much money: It's products have higher price margins than others, and they are able to get more people to spend the extra bucks by making something beautiful, powerful and reliable.

This conversation always seems to make its way to our collective forethought anytime a new iPad or iPhone rolls off the line. Some site like will release a statement, saying they tore the device apart and based on their analysis, the device only costs–in the case of the 4S – somewhere around $188 to build.

Angry Android and PC fans will become outraged, proclaiming that THIS is why they'll never buy an Apple product, forgetting somehow that our free market economy often depends on things like markup and profit. Sure, Apple could sell their iPhone for 200 bucks, but they would soon collapse, much to the joy of the same people who despised them for their high prices.

The point here is, Apple fans have already proven that they aren't opposed to paying higher prices for products they believe in. This is also the same reason why developers on the Apple App store make more money than those on the Android app store.

It's quite cunning, then, that another company realized this trend in Apple fans and decided to take advantage of it in a solution that's a perfect blend of clever and shady and entirely legal.

According to Orbitz Worldwide Inc., Mac users will spend up to 30% more on hotels a night than those using PCs. So, they've begun an experiment wherein they show these Mac users different and sometimes more expensive hotel options, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The fact that a company can track who is visiting their site is nothing new and in fact, fairly elementary. The implementation of it is, however, a little genius. According to Dana Mattioli with the Wall Street Journal, executives from Orbitz have confirmed they will begin to show different options depending on what computer you are using. It's important to note, however, that the company isn't showing the same options at different prices. Orbitz also said every user has the option to have their results ranked by price.

In their studies, Orbitz found Mac users are already spending, on average $20-$30 more a night than PC users.

When these Mac-heads do book rooms, they're also more likely to book a 4 or 5 start hotel. Chief Scientist Wai Gen Yee even said when Mac and PC users book the same hotel, Mac users are more likely to stay in more expensive rooms.

This isn't the first time analysts and retailers have noticed a trend in Mac users' spending. Charts and graphs have been published before showing how much more likely Mac fans are to spend a little more on beverages, clothing, entertainment options, food, etc.

Besides, those who buy Macs often have (and even more often need) a reason to justify the purchase. MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros aren't cheap, so if someone is going to buy one they either have enough money to spend on such a laptop and therefore have the extra $20 to $30 for a better room or rely heavily on their computer and need it to work reliably for several years. As such, either group are clearly willing to shell out an extra percentage for something better, be it a better room, first class flights or mobile computer.

This kind of move by Orbitz is tricky, though, I'm not sure who would mind. As PC users are already accustomed to spending less, they have nothing to worry about as they are already being shown the cheapest options. For Mac users, it's a comfort to know we can still rank our results by price, but if these are the hotels we were going to pick anyway, then Orbitz just made our lives a little easier.